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Virgin Birth

The virgin birth of Christ is one of the most important doctrines of the Christian Faith.  It is clearly prophesied in Isaiah 7:14  and it is clearly described as  fulfilled in Matthew 1:18-25   and  Luke 1:26-38. If Jesus was not virgin born, we have no Saviour.


To deny the Virgin Birth of Christ, or the truth of His miracles, or the power of His blood sacrifice on the cross as the complete and only atonement for our sins, or to deny  His Bodily Resurrection, or the fact that Jesus is the sinless, holy Son of God, the second Person of the Trinity;  is to deny the Doctrine of Christ. 


To deny the Doctrine of Christ is to be without God and condemned to Hell.  II John 9-11  This same warning in this little Epistle next to Revelation, also warns us to reject as a Bible teacher anyone who denies the doctrine of Christ.  Don’t give them your support or your encouragement.  Those who do are partakers of their evil deeds.  If you find yourself to be in a church where the doctrine of Christ is ignored or denied, I urge you to get out now and find a church that proclaims it without compromise.   It is impossible for you to receive Christ as your Saviour from sin and at the same time deny who He is.  To deny the doctrine of who He is, is to deny Christ and be lost in your sins and headed for Hell.


A Church that denies the doctrine of Christ is part of  Mystery Babylon, the church of Anti-christ that will be left behind after the Rapture of the True Church,  to face the judgment of God in the Great Tribulation.  Read Revelation 17 for a full description of this church and read Revelation 18:1-4 for God’s warning for you to separate yourself from this false system NOW!  To learn more about Mystery Babylon, you can find that topic in my series on PROPHECY.


Why is the doctrine of the Virgin Birth so important?


Genealogy of Mary

Consider the genealogy of Mary, the mother of Jesus and Joseph, His step-father.   Luke 3 gives us the genealogy of Mary.    Heli in Luke 3:23 is the father-in-law of Joseph. This genealogy  traces  Jesus, the son of Mary,  all the way back through Nathan, the son of David  and back to Adam and to God who made Adam.   This shows us that Jesus was a man in the same sense that you and I are men and women.  He was totally human, though totally sinless.


Genealogy of Joseph

In Matthew 1 we have the genealogy of Joseph, the step-father of Jesus.  This genealogy goes back through Solomon, another son of David,   and  continues back to Abraham showing that Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s covenant to Abraham found in Genesis 12.


The curse of Coniah

However, in Joseph’s genealogy we go back to a king of Judah whose name was Jehoiachin. He was also known as  Jechoniah or Coniah. He only reigned three months and then was taken into Babylonian captivity.  What’s so interesting about Jechoniah or Coniah is that God cursed him and his descendents. That curse is recorded in Jeremiah 22:24-30. That means that no one from Coniah’s descendents could ever sit on  the throne of David as  King and Messiah.   Joseph, the husband of Mary was from Coniah’s line.  So that ruled out Joseph or any son of Joseph from ever being king.


Sin nature passed from father to child

If Jesus has been the biological son of Joseph, He could not have been the promised King.  Furthermore, since the sin nature is passed on from father to child  and not from mother to child,  any son of Joseph or any other human father would have inherited a sinful nature. 


Therefore, for two reasons Jesus had to be born of a virgin mother.

1. So that He would not inherit a sinful nature from his father.

2. So He would not be barred from the curse of Coniah which was upon Joseph and his sons.


Virgin Birth God’s amazing solution

By being virgin born, Jesus was truly man and truly God. As God in human flesh, He was totally sinless and His death and resurrection made possible the one,  final sacrifice for sin for all the sins of the world. Read about that wonderful sacrifice in Hebrews 10.  There it tells how God prepared a sinless, human body, the body of our Lord Jesus Christ, as the perfect sacrifice for our sins.   Those who have received Christ as their sacrifice for sin are saved.  Those who reject Him are still lost in their sins.  I urge you to trust  Jesus this moment as your sacrifice for sin and discover God’s wonderful salvation from sin. John 1:12


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