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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

Trick or Treat




Have you ever wondered why there is so much evil and unhappiness?  

The Bible gives the answer in the first three chapters of Genesis.  It tells the story of how God created Adam and Eve  and put them in the Garden of Eden. Life was perfect and beautiful. There was no pain or sickness or death.  They had freedom to enjoy all of God’s creation, except for one thing.  They were warned not to eat the fruit of one particular  tree, or they would die. The devil came to Eve and tempted her to eat the fruit.  He lied to her and told her she would not die.  Eve listened to the devil.  She was tricked by his lies.   She ate the fruit and gave some to her husband.  Now they knew they had disobeyed God and were sinners.   

God  found them in the Garden trying to hide from Him.  They were afraid and ashamed of their sin.  God cursed them with sorrow and death just as He said He would if they disobeyed Him..  From now on everyone born into Adam’s  race would be a sinner and inherit the curse of sin.   That’s why all of us are sinners.  That’s why we disobey and lie and say and do  mean things to others. Not only were Adam and  Eve cursed, but the whole earth was cursed. Romans 5:12,19  That’s why there are thorns and weeds.  That’s why there are destructive storms, fires, floods  and earthquakes. That’s why there is sickness, sorrow, pain and death. Romans 6:23  Romans 8:22.  


But there is a bright side to this story.  God loved Adam and Eve and He loves all of us who have inherited sin from our first parents.  The Bible tells how God  solved the sin problem.  He commanded that innocent lambs  be killed as an offering to Him to  pay the death penalty for the sins of people. The problem was that those sacrifices had to be repeated continually.  They did not change the hearts of the people.  They went on sinning and offering  their sacrifices.  Then when God was ready He sent us HIS TREAT, His own beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to come into this world to be the LAMB OF GOD to die for our sins.  It was a terrible thing that men did to Jesus, but God allowed it so the penalty of sins was paid in full. 

God proved He was satisified with Jesus’ sacrifice by raising Jesus from the dead on the third day.  Today He is our living Saviour.

Those who trust Jesus, receive God’s WONDERFUL TREAT  of salvation. God forgives our sins and changes us so that we love Him and hate sin. He brings us into His family and promises us an eternal home with Him. Those who are TRICKED BY THE DEVIL  listen to his lie that we can sin and get away with it. That’s an awful lie of the devil.  No one ever sins and gets away with it.  

Will you receive God’s treat by receiving His Son Jesus as your Saviour?  You can do it right now. Say to God,  “God, I thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die for my sins. Right now I want to turn from my sins and receive your wonderful TREAT of salvation. Help me to learn more about how to live to please you.  Thank You Heavenly Father for saving me by sending Your Son to die for my sins and rise again from the dead.  Thank you for giving me the Gift of eternal life simply by your grace through no work of my own.  Help me to grow in my faith as I read and study Your Word, the Bible.


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