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Putting Feet to the Truth

“It’s an amazing thing that all of us know much more than we do. For instance, most of us know what (and how!) we’re supposed to eat, but very few of us translate that knowledge into practice.


Unfortunately, the same is true in our Christian lives.  We hear the Word-sometimes to the point of being saturated with it-  but often go away unchanged by it.  We fail to live the Truth we know. I John 1:6 says, “If we say we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness; we lie and do not [practice not] the truth.”  The necessity of truth affecting lifestyle is a frequent theme in John’s writings.  Despite our wishful thinking and protests to the contrary,  Scripture clearly teaches that truth held means nothing unless it is truth lived.


For several  months I’ve been praying about the theme for the 2008-2009 academic year at B.J.U.  At the same time the administration has been engaged in discussions about a more unified focus on developing student’s

spirituality in every campus encounter. The Lord worked to coalesce the two into a single, overriding burden (and theme) for this year: Putting Feet to Truth.


We’re passionate about inculcating this emphasis into the lives of students. It’s what B.J.U. has always been about.  In fact, it parallels our first Core Value as an institution- love for and faithfulness to God and His Word. But in out modern Christian culture that has a post-modern ability to compartmentalize Christianity into a Sunday and Wednesday routine that has very little impact upon the rest of the week, the message of I John 1:6 is more needed than ever.


God’s Word must be practically applied to everyday living.  It is meant to affect things like the way we think, the way we spend our money and the way we use our time.  God intends His Truth to govern each decision, sculpt each relationship and guide every desire, attitude and word.  It is “alive and powerful,” transforming oneself, one’s family, one’s worship and one’s workplace.


We want the Word of God on this campus to come alive to the students, faculty and staff- to capture our attention and to captivate our lives, becoming more than just a book of verses to memorize or sermons to hear. It must work its way from head to heart to life.  If a student leaves B.J.U. content with an impotent knowledge of Scripture, we’ve failed in one of our primary objectives: teaching them that God’s Word must be lived out in every facet of life if life is to be well-lived.



Truth held really does mean little until it is truth lived.   God intends for every Christian to “put feet to Truth.”  That is the emphasis that will shape the year ahead at B.J.U.”


This editorial appeared in the BJU Review – Fall of 2008 written by


Dr. Stephen Jones,

President of the University


(Stephen Jones is a great grandson of Dr. Bob Jones Sr.  the founder of Bob Jones University and the major chapel speaker when I was a student there from 1952-1956.  I am encouraged to see that faithfulness to God’s Word and an emphasis on practical Christianity remains the same.)

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