Hidden Treasures

The Bible is much more than a book of religion.


Reality TV has become extremely popular in America.  Why is that?  Wouldn't you agree that most people are longing for reality in their lives.  People are tired and bored by the artificial plastic world around them. By the way, if those so-called reality TV programs are truly reality, then this world has truly gone off it's rocker.  Witness young men and women marrying one another without ever meeting before;  people chewing on raw whiskered bull's snouts.  Is that reality or has this world gone stark raving mad? 

Religion: real or phony

A lot of religion is not real either. Many churches  are led by promoters; not pastors. They use people to build their churches rather than using their churches to build their people.

How about your relationship with God?  Is it real  or are you just playing church?  You don't have to settle for artificial religion.  Yet many do spend their time and money in churches  listening to "make-me- feel-good sermons, working themselves into an emotional frenzy to try to get a feel-good experience or going to the other extreme and mumbling memorized prayers and liturgy that means nothing to them and listening to religious leaders who lack moral purity or spiritual wisdom. What good is it all if at the end of life you just die as a dog; or worse, go to hell?

Be yourself!

Only when you know God,  can you discover the reality of just being yourself. You don't have to try to prove how "cool" you are by trying to dress or look or sing like the latest star.  Preachers, we don't have to try to impress our congregations with our scholarship or with our pulpit style. Scholarship ought to take place in our study and preparation, but when we are dealing with people from the pulpit or individually, we ought to  be ourselves  and keep it simple and direct.  Christian friend, you do not need to try to impress people with your supposed "spirituality" by "drooling piety" in every word you say. Discerning people become suspicious of anyone who drools pious talk.  God wants us to be real; to be ourselves. Let's not give others the idea that Christianity is a weird disease that they want to avoid catching.

How to break free from trying to be something you're not

You can discover the reality of knowing God.  It's all based on the Bible;  a book that is either what it claims to be, the inspired Word of God; or else it is just another dry, dusty book of dead religion.  Jesus  claims to be God come down in human flesh. Either He is God or else He isn't.   You can find out the truth by reading the Gospel of John.  As you read it cry to God,  "God, I don't know whether you are there or not.  I don't know if you are real or just the product of human imagination.   But  God, the Bible tells me that Jesus is God in human flesh  and that He died to pay the penalty for my sins and that He rose from the dead so that I could live forever with Him in Heaven and escape  Hell. God, if you are there and listening to me I want you to come into my life and change me.  Make me a real Christian.  I won't settle for anything less than reality in my relationship with you.  So here I am, God.  If you are real and can make the change in me,  I am yours forever.  Please, save me."

God hears the prayer that comes to Him from your heart. He will save you right now and convince you  of His reality in your life.  Read  I John, the little book just before Revelation. Especially read  I John 5:11-13. In those three verses you will find assurance  of salvation based; not on your feelings, but on what the Bible says. Trust Christ and discover the reality of knowing and walking with Him now and forever.

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