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Meet Les Lofquist



I’d like you to meet a friend, Les Lofquist.  As Executive Director of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America, Dr. Lofquist  is a down-to-earth young man who has a heart for God and a passion for reaching America and the world for Christ. I.F.C.A., which started about eighty years ago in America, is now expanding throughout the world.


If you are a “Lone Ranger” type preacher or a church member concerned that your church has not grown and perhaps is moving in the wrong direction; or  if you are discouraged that you are not making an impact in your area as other churches seem to be doing; or you feel your church is more concerned with style than substance;  I encourage you to go to the IFCA web site http://www.ifca.org/ and check out  the Leadership page.  Read some of the articles Les has written for the VOICE, the organ of I.F.C.A.


If your heart is in agreement with what you read, I encourage you to explore the possibility of  yoking up with IFCA as a pastor or as a church, or both!



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In the Midst of a Faltering Economy

Dr. Les Lofquist, Executive Director of I.F.C.A. (Independent Fundamental Churches of America), referring to  the Wall Street sell-off of October 2008, writes about the founding of the I.F.C.A. as follows.


“When these events began to boil, I thought about the founding of I.F.C.A.


“The stock market crashed in October 28 and 29, 1929.  America reeled economically. Yet the I.F.C.A. was founded a little over three months later on February 6,  1930. Our first convention was held June 24-26, 1930.  As America entered the Great Depression. the I.F.C.A. continued to grow. What fueled the I.F.C.A.’s growth during the Depression?  Is there a lesson for us today?


“The answer is found in a full page ad appearing in the February 1932 issue of  The Pioneer of a New Era, (the original name for today’s VOICE magazine, the organ of the I.F.C.A.. This ad had the following headline. “WITHOUT A VISION, THE PEOPLE PERISH.” Then this text followed. “The great need today in the I.F.C.A. and in our churches is not for better times, easier finances, BUT FOR A VISION.”


“In the depths of the Depression, the leaders of the I.F.C.A. determined that despite the harsh economy they were facing, their task remained the same.  They called for vision. They called for renewed ministry.




“We can learn the lesson from our I.F.C.A. founders.  Today we need vision and faith and missionary activities….  Where is your focus: on the faltering economy or on the task we face as Christians?”


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