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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.


There is a time and reason to stand firmly without compromising an inch; but there is also a time and reason to compromise for God’s glory, for our good and for the good of others.

Compromising the Word of God and Biblical principles of right and wrong is evil.  Compromising our preferences and desires for the good of others is loving and good.


We can never afford to compromise on Biblical truth or on Biblical principles of right and wrong.  To do so would destroy the heart and purpose of our church and make us totally ineffective to the cause of Christ and bring disgrace to the name of Jesus.

“It’s never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right.” Dr. Bob Jones Sr. taught this principle to us in chapel at Bob Jones University over fifty-five years ago.  It has been one of the guiding principles of my life.

To do so would make us lukewarm and nauseous to Christ, as the Laodicean Church of Revelation 3:14-22 which Christ describes as the church of the end times before His return.



There are only two standards or ways of life for Christians:  that which is based on the Bible and that which is based on the standards of our Satanic, evil  cosmos or world system.  There is no middle ground.  Everything we do and enjoy  is either motivated by our love for and devotion to Christ, or else it is motivated by our love for and  desire for acceptance by the Satan-dominated world system.

I John 2:15-17 teaches us that we can’t have it both ways.  Everything we love and desire  and to which we devote our time and resources is either for God’s glory or else it is  for our selfish satisfaction.  There is no middle ground and there can be no compromise.  We either live for Christ or we live for our selfish satisfaction.  We either live to please Christ or we please the devil.



Jesus concluded His Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5-7 by warning us in Matthew 7:14-20 of the danger of false teachers who come to us as Christian preachers.  He described them as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.  He taught  that we can distinguish them by their fruit.

In Jesus’ Olivet Discourse found in Matthew 24 Jesus described the course of the Church Age over these past two thousand years.  In verses 11-12 He warned that in the end times many false teachers would arise and as a result of their teaching, their followers would grow cold in their love for Christ.

In Romans 16:17-18 The Apostle Paul warned Christians to identify and avoid  preachers and teachers who preach contrary to Biblical doctrine.

In II Corinthians 6:14-18 Paul taught the doctrine of Separation,  I have dealt with this topic at length in a series in this web site under the topic SEPARATION. I encourage you to read and study it  with your Bible.

Not all compromise is evil.  Some compromise is good.




Certainly it does not take us long to discover that a good marriage involves the art of compromise.  Two people coming from different families and different backgrounds must learn early the necessity of compromise,  In courtship much time must be spent  discussing and learning to compromise in areas where there is difference in thinking. 

Of course, on the basic issues of life, including our relationships with Christ and our attitude towards the Bible, there can be no compromise.  In those areas if there is no basic agreement, the relationship must be severed now and not after marriage. To ignore those basic issues is to court disaster in marriage.





Here again, there can be no compromise on Biblical issues or moral issues; however, there must be open-mindedness and  compromise in every other area.

I’ve worked with our Elders, our Church Council  and our School Board now for twenty years.  We have had some disagreements through the years, but such disagreements have been rare.  When we disagree on matters, we do not argue, but we usually talk them through to an agreement. If necessary, we table the issue for a month or so and pray about it. When we come back together, we are usually in full agreement.  In all these years, there has never been any bitterness or anger. 

God has His will about every issue.  We just need to seek His will on the matter.  That normally leads us to either a change of mind or a friendly compromise.  Dr. Bob Jones Sr. used to tell us in chapel at BJU that good men are always reasonable.  I’ve found that to be so through the years.  I thank God that He has protected us from unreasonable men on our Boards. 

May God give you wisdom and discernment to know when to stand uncompromisingly and when to compromise and may He give you  and those Christians with whom you work a spirit of reasonableness and gentleness in your dealings with one another.

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