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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

I Dare You!

Atheists,  I dare you to dare God (whom you believe does not exists) to take away your wealth and your health.

I challenge you to go to 


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Is Atheism Rational?

Atheism cannot account for rationality, love, or morality. This does not mean that atheists are always irrational, unloving, and immoral, but it does mean that they can’t account for rationality, love, and morality given their assumptions about the origin of the universe and our accidental place in it.

Atheistic evolutionists express moral outrage against murder and rape, but if evolution is true, how can there be moral outrage since it was killing and rape that got us where we are today as a species? Animals kill and rape every day. Why is it okay for animals but not for humans, who are supposedly highly evolved animals? If evolution is true, at death we are nothing more than dust in the wind and in life we are nothing more than a bag of meat and bones.

Gary DeMar

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My watch just happened. The bits of metal just came together by chance and evolved into wheels, and springs and hands. The face of the watch just appeared with number one through twelve spaced exactly right so that the watch can register accurate time. By chance, the hour hand swings clockwise making a complete revolution twice a day; not a minute less nor a minute more. The minute hand swings clockwise; a complete revolution once every hour; not a second more nor a second less. Then when the watch parts all fell into place so that it could keep accurate time, a plastic case came out of nowhere and fit itself perfectly on the watch to keep the parts clean so that I could have an accurate timepiece. Then lo and behold, an expansion band appeared and fit itself on to the watch. It just so happens that the band fits my wrist and by looking at the watch I can know exactly what time it is to the nearest second. It keeps accurate time second by second, minute by minute, day by day, year by year and I don’t even give it a moment of thought or care.

If I argued with you that this is how my watch was made, you would call me a crazy fool. You know it didn’t happen that way. You know intelligent, skilled watchmakers designed and made the watch? But you never saw it happen did you? You never met the watch maker. So it just had to be by chance, didn’t it? Since it couldn’t have possibly happened over a period of days or months or years, it had to have happened over a period of billions of years.

A more unlikely story

If you believe that story, I will tell you another- infinitely more unlikely than the watch story. We human beings just evolved. We showed up by chance with every organ of our body working perfectly. We are composed of billions of cells. Each cell is composed of billions of atoms. Each atom is composed of electrons and protons whirling around a nucleus. Each cell and each organ knows exactly what its purpose is in our bodies.

Our lungs take into our bodies just the right combination of gasses in the air we breathe. Our blood cells, traveling through miles of veins and arteries and capillaries, feed every cell of our body with just the right nutrients.

Our brains are more complicated and more amazing than the most sophisticated computer.

These bodies of ours live on an earth that is just the right distance from the sun. We are not too close or we would burn up and we’re not too far away or we would freeze to death. All the stars, our sun, moon and planets are constantly moving at various rates of speed, all in their own orbits; yet the sun, moon and stars have faithfully stayed in their positions relative to our earth, day by day, century after century, millennium after millennium. God is faithful. He does not change.

If you wish to believe all of this came about by chance and believe that animal and human life just evolved by chance over billions of years, that’s your choice. Believe that you are the product of random chance if you wish, but you have much more faith than I do. In fact it takes much more faith to believe the evolution of man than it does than to believe the biblical account that man was created by the direct act of God on the sixth day of creation.

You’re no atheist!

Personally, I don’t think you are an atheist. You would have to be a fool to be an atheist (Psalm 14:1), and I don’t believe you are a fool or you would not have read this far. The only reason you claim to be an atheist and an evolutionist is because you don’t want to believe in a God who made you for His glory. The reason you do not want to believe in God is because you love your sins and you know that some day you will have to face God and be judged for your sins. So you reason that it is much more comfortable to claim to be an atheist. You are like a scared kid walking through a cemetery in the middle of the night, whistling in the dark.

Wake up, my friend! Admit the creation of the universe and mankind is totally reasonable. God created you. He made you for His glory. You are accountable to Him. As a sinner, you will one day answer to Him for your sins and be condemned to hell.

But thank God, He loves you and has provided salvation through the sacrifice of His Son on Calvary’s cross. Jesus died and rose again so that you could be saved and live with Him in Heaven forever. Trust Him now and discover peace with God. Start reading the Bible and discover the truth about life now and discover a personal, eternal relationship with God who created you and the universe in which you live.

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You do not believe the Bible is the Word of God?  Alright then, let’s lay aside the Bible for the present and let’s reason together.

God’s Challenge


In Isaiah 1:18 we are challenged to reason together concerning our salvation. “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”   After all, God is not asking you to do something unreasonable.

Who is the Fool?

There is a sovereign, almighty God who created the universe; or there is not. If there is not, end of subject.  Read no further. Christianity is merely a bad joke and we who call ourselves Christians are deluded fools living in a dream world.   On the other hand,  if God exists and He did create the world, including you and me,  and you refuse to believe Him, then God calls you a fool. Psalm 14:1 says,  ” The fool has said in his heart,  there is no God.”

So you’ve decided there IS a God

You’re still reading, so I expect you agree with me that there is a God who created the universe. Next question.   Is He loving and benevolent  or is He a cruel monster? If He is a cruel monster, I dread meeting Him and so should you.  The more I learn of His creation and the more I learn from His Word, the more I am convinced that He is a wise, kind, loving, long-suffering, gracious God.   Even the atheists and the evolutionists enjoy His wonderful creation which works like clockwork; even though they deny their Creator with every breath God gives them..

Love Communicates

If God is  loving, it only seems reasonable to believe that He would want to communicate with man whom He created in His own image.  If He is sovereign and almighty, it is reasonable to believe that He would have no problem communicating with man

Is the Bible His inspired, infallible communication to us, or is it just another flawed book of religion written by man?

You will have to agree with me that it is either one of the other. If the Bible is simply the flawed product of fallible men, let’s forget this whole thing called Christianity. We have nothing upon which to base our beliefs.  However, the more I study the Bible, the more I am convinced, amazed and awed by its perfection and power to save a lost sinner and make him a saint.

Heaven and Hell:  Fact or Fiction?

If  the Bible is God’s infallible communication to us, since it warns of an eternal hell for unbelievers and promises eternal bliss in Heaven for those who trust Christ; it seems reasonable that we should prepare to meet Him by receiving His gift of salvation, The Lord Jesus Christ.

Of three possibilities, which makes the most sense?

If God loves me and want me to be with Him in Heaven forever, I can think of only three possibilities of getting there and the first two don’t really make that much sense.

1. God could ignore my sins and allow me to go to Heaven in spite of my sins.  The only problem is that God cannot allow any sin in Heaven. Furthermore, Heaven would be Hell if sin were permitted there.  So discard this idea!

2. He could allow each of us into Heaven on our own merit.  Only those who live a holy sinless life would enter Heaven.   Those with sin to their record would be banished to Hell.  Another unworkable idea!  All of us are sinners and we would all go to Hell.

3. That leaves only one choice.  Our God of love could take my sins and bear the full penalty for them in the body of His beloved Son, Jesus.  That’s exactly what the Bible tells us He did.   The sinless Son of God, bore the penalty for our sins in His body on the cross.  That leaves you with one of two choices.  Receive Christ as your sin-bearer and Saviour,  or reject Him and continue in your sins to Hell.


What if I, a believer in Christ, should discover after death that it was all an empty dream?  What if there is no eternal Heaven and Hell?  What have I lost?

What if you, a skeptic and unbeliever, should die and find that the Bible truly is the Word of God and that you cave been consigned to an eternal, burning hell?   What have you lost?

God does not ask you to check your brains in the coat room when you come to church.  He only asks you to cast away your pride and self-righteousness and trust Christ as your Saviour and Lord.  He will give you the Gift of His righteousness, making you fit for Heaven.  May God open your mind and our heart to receive His Gift, the Lord Jesus , right now.  Don’t risk another hour.  Go to the SALVATION link on this web site and settle this issue today! 

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