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Abortion Series #1: Killing Babies

Right to Life is an anti-abortion committee, cause and slogan  that came into being in 1973 shortly after the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the infamous Roe v Wade decision. For the past three decades Evangelicals, Catholics and others have fought valiantly together for the protection of the unborn.


In this article I want to attempt to present to you what I believe to be a Biblical  approach to this subject.  I trust you read with an open mind and test what you read by the Bible.


Abortion is evil as is fornication.


Abortion is not a new thing.  It’s been around as long as mankind has been on this earth. But as a boy, I don’t ever remember it being in the news. I don’t remember preachers dealing with abortion as a major issue until the 70’s.  Prior to Roe v Wade decision,  it was not a hot issue and to my recollection; churches did not make resolutions, march or picket concerning this evil.


Before I go any further, let it be clearly understood that I am opposed to abortion.  It is nothing less than mudering babies.  In Bible times those who killed babies were executed. In fact, Exodus 21:22-25 teaches that if  men fought and a pregnant woman got involved and  was hurt or killed or the baby was hurt or killed, the one causing the death to the mother or child was executed. If the mother or baby were hurt, but did not die, he was still required to pay damages.


But in keeping with God’s Word, I am just as much opposed to fornication or adultery, the cause of many unwanted babies. It is as much a sin as abortion.  I am also opposed to cruelty to children.  It also is as much a sin as abortion.


Each Christian must determine his own involvement in this battle


It is the responsibility of each Christian to decide for himself how he or she is going to be involved in the Right to Life cause or any other moral issue. It is not our responsibility  to determine how other Christians should  be involved in opposing this evil. One thing is certain.  It is not our business as citizens to burn down abortion clinics and murder those involved in abortions. 


With that background I want to warn you of some humanistic philosophical ideas in the Right to Life Movement.  It is something that has concerned me over the past 40 years Please read carefully and test what you read or hear by the authority of God’s Word.  We do not all have to arrive at the same practical conclusions, but we must be open to the authority of God’s Word. Why has the Right to Life Movement become a major issue of our day and why have individual Christians and churches gotten involved in this movement?


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Abortion Series #2: Seeking a cause



Why has the Right to Life Movement become the major moral issue of our day and why have so many Christian and churches made this their number one concern? 


The answer is that everyone must have a cause for which to live and die; and Christians for the past four decades have taken up this cause and adopted it as their own.  Prior to this time, Bible believing Christians lived and died for one major cause; the fulfillment of The Great Commission and the evangelization of the world.


What is our calling as Christians?


Not once does Christ command His Church to fight against evil people, but rather preach the Gospel to them.  Jesus never fought against the immorality of His day. It’s true, He did take a whip and drive the money changers out of the temple. When it came to lost sinners, He befriended them and drew them to Himself as their Saviour. Moral problems took care of themselves when people met Jesus.


The Apostle Paul could have stood against moral issues.  Instead he preached the Gospel and brought men and women to Christ. In the very wicked city of Corinth filled with all sorts of immorality, including temple “worship” with the temple prostitutes, Paul said, “And I brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”  I Corinthians 2:1-2 As he introduced people to Jesus and they received Him,  the moral issues dropped off like dead leaves on a tree coming to life in the spring.  Paul could have tackled the slavery issue, but he did not. Instead he taught Onesimus, a young slave he had won to Christ, to be a good obedient slave and he taught Philemon, the slave owner  to treat his slaves as beloved sons and brothers.   Is slavery evil?  Of course.  But the answer is to bring slaves and slave owners to Christ.  When Christian men treat Christians slaves as brothers and sisters in Christ, it isn’t long before freedom follows. and racial hatred and tension disappears.  Read these other Scriptures on slavery and Paul’s attitude about burning issues. Ephesians 6:5-9,  Colossians 3:22,  I Timothy 6:1-2  Titus 2:9-10.


Christian friend,  get this!  We cannot teach unregenerate sinners moral values.  So forget trying.  Only God can do that.   He does it by changing our heart when we come to Christ as our Saviour and Lord.  As Dr. Bob Jones Sr used to tell us in chapel, “Our business is to get people to Jesus and He will comb the kinks out of their heads.”



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Abortion Series #3: False Premises


Christians are basing the anti-abortion war on two false premises.  One is “The sanctity of life” and the other is  “The right to life”.  Both of those have no Scriptural support. Let’s examine these two premises.


The Sanctity of Life


When God was preparing to use Moses to deliver Israel from Egyptian bondage and lead them to their  Promised Land of Canaan, he commanded them to utterly destroy the wicked inhabitants of the land, including  women and children. Deuteronomy 7:1-2 and 20:16.


Joshua 6:21 describes Israel‘s obedience to God in this matter. “And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old,  and oxen, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword.”    In I Samuel 15:3 God commanded King Saul to “go and smite the Amalekites and utterly destroy all they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant, and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.” Saul did not completely obey in this matter and as a result, God removed him from being king over Israel, replacing him with King David.


In the light of God’s command for Israel to slaughter people, including children and infants,  let’s take a fresh Biblical look at this  “Sanctity of Life” philosophy  which is so popular among Christians. Were these Canaanites and Amalekites protected from being killed by Israel because of  “sanctity of life” and did they have a “right to life” as far as God was concerned?


Liberal missionary,  Dr. Albert Schweitzer, believed that all life is sacred, including flies and mosquitoes. He believed is was wrong to kill anything including the insects. He even had a problem with killing bacteria since bacteria is living.  Liberals today are usually more concerned about the welfare of animals than they are the welfare of humans. They believe that all animals, birds, fish and insects are all sacred and should be preserved at all costs. This is the theological basis for the extremists in the environmental movement of our day.


The Hindus of India protect and worship cattle as deity.   Paul describes the heathen philosophy in Romans 2:25 of worshipping the creature rather than the Creator.


The Bible does not teach that human life is sacred. It’s true that human life as well as all other life is created by God. Adam and Eve were created sinless.  But when they sinned in the Garden of Eden, they passed a sinful nature on to the entire human race.


Only God is sacred and we as Christians are sacred only because of our identification with Christ. I Corinthians 6:19-20.


If human life was sacred, God would never allow people to be killed or harmed in “acts of God” such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and earthquakes.  Furthermore, if life was sacred, God would never allow people to be born deformed, nor would he allow famine and starvation, sickness and death.  But God does allow suffering, sickness and death.  We live in a world groaning under the curse of sin. Romans 8:22-23


Dear reader, God alone is sacred and His  glory is more important than anything in this universe. It is more important than human life, good health or financial prosperity or our happiness and fulfillment.


The Right to Life


Another false premise Christians use in the fight against abortion is the premise of “The Right to Life.”  My biggest problem with this premise is the word “right“.  We have no rights but to die and go to hell.


Life, freedom, food, health,  the opportunity and ability to work and earn a pay check, the ability to drive a car,  smell a rose, eat a good meal,  own a home, everything good that you can think of, including our salvation,   is all by the grace of God.  We have a right to nothing.  Yes, we don’t even have a right to live. Jeremiah  said in Lamentations 3:22-23 “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are  new every morning.  Great is Thy faithfulness”


Thank God for His gracious gift of life and His even greater gift of  salvation by His grace through faith in the shed blood of His Beloved Son, Jesus.


When one truly receives God’s Gift of salvation,  he gladly surrenders all his rights to God.



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Abortion Series #4: Pro-Choice / Pro-Life

Christians have failed to see that God is Pro-Choice as well as Pro-Life. 

Being pro-choice does not automatically mean one is pro-abortion. It means only what it says, pro-choice.  Deuteronomy 30:19 clearly shows us that God is pro-choice as well as pro-life. “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”


God has His holy laws. There are serious consequences for breaking those laws, ultimately death. God gives us the choice of choosing sin or choosing to obey God’s Law. Adam and Eve chose to disobey God’s Law and died.


God desires man to choose life.  In fact, He has provided the gift of eternal life to anyone who will receive Christ.


God gives every mother of a baby within her womb the choice of allowing the baby to be born and He gives her the opportunity to become a real mother to that child, or release that baby to a loving family who can adopt it.   He also gives that mother the choice of  aborting and killing  her baby.  With that choice God pleads with the mother to choose life that both she and her baby can live.


Some Practical Conclusions


As Christian citizens we can do our part to promote morality in our nation. You  and I are free to do anything we believe will work as long as our actions do not violate Scripture or the laws of our land.  We may write letters, march for a cause, picket, boycott or do whatever we believe we ought to do.  We must not judge one another for our involvement or lack of involvement  in any method.  Each of us must determine before God how He would have us be involved in a cause.


As a Church, our one and only commission from Christ is to take the Gospel to the lost here and around the world.  Salvation through Christ changes hearts and lives and produces morality.  We cannot change hearts nor morality.  Only God can do that.


As Christian we must get right with God.  II Chronicles 7:14.  When we do, God will heal our land.


We must engage in spiritual warfare against Satan’s strongholds in this land.  That battle is best fought on our knees in prayer.  Prayer is far more powerful than social action.


To win the  lost we must approach every sinner, not with a cloak of stinking self-righteousness, not with fiery eyes, angry words, insulting slogans and name calling. We must not approach them as our enemies, but as enemies of God and captives of Satan.


If there is anything I see in the Gospels concerning Jesus is that He was always a friend of sinners.  Is that the way the lost see you and me?


You dear lady, may be contemplating an abortion.  You have a choice.  The consequences of that choice will mean life or death for you and your baby.  I beg you to choose life. You are loved and so is your baby. I urge you to get in touch with some Christians who love you and let them help you think through your decision and the consequences. 


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