Hidden Treasures

The Bible is much more than a book of religion.


Repeatedly throughout the New Testament we are warned to beware of and be on guard to recognize false prophets and false teachers who would deceive and lead us away from the Truth of God’s Word.

Every teacher and every proclaimer of God’s Word needs to study carefully and prayerfully the Bible we preach.  Knowing the Hebrew and Greek certainly helps in our study of the Bible.  Thank God there are many tools available to us in our efforts to understand and master the Bible, including Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries and interlinear Greek-English New Testaments.  Certainly every genuine Christian is indwelt by the Holy Spirit whom Jesus has promised in John 16:13 will teach us and guide us into all Truth as we read and study His Word.

All of us, including myself, are tempted to be proud of our abilities and accomplishments.  That’s a shame because pride is one of the ugliest and most despicable of sins.  In fact, in Proverbs 6:16-19  God puts pride at the top of the list of sins which He hates and lists as abominations.  It was pride that led Lucifer, the supreme angelic being of God’s creation,  to be cast out of Heaven and become Satan, the arch enemy of God.  He is the one who tempts and leads those who reject Christ and His Word into sin and eternal damnation in Hell.  His eternal doom is sealed, as is all who follow him.

The best  Bible scholars, preachers and teachers who love God’s Word are comfortable and  excellent in their field of expertise.  They have no reasons to try to appear intellectual. They are intellectual  and they know how to practically connect with their students and congregations and make Biblical truth exciting, simple, clear  and understandable; but beware of the pseudo, would-be intellectual who would despise simple, Fundamental Bible teachers and preachers whose supreme desire is to magnify Christ and His blood atonement and our inspired, infallible Bible.

I know there are quacks and nuts and immoral men who attempt to minister under our banner of Fundamentalists and who bring shame and dishonor to Christ. That is true in most other professions also.

As one who is not an “intellectual scholar”, I take comfort in Paul’s warning to Christians in I Corinthians 1:17-31.  I thank God for the way He has used me throughout my lifetime as a preacher to touch lives for Christ. Only eternity will reveal the real, eternal value of each of us who serve the Lord. In the meantime, don’t be impressed and deceived by pseudo-intellectuals.

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