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Stealing Elections

America is capable of putting men on the moon.  We are capable of technological wonders; however,  in spite of obvious fraud in election cycle after election cycle down through the years, we have not yet figured out how to conduct an honest, fraud-proof election. Such elections are simple and work like clock work for honest citizens. Thank God for every honest citizen who votes and for every honest poll worker who watches carefully to protect us from fraud.


But like many other elections for as long as I can remember; elections in America are still being  stolen from honest, tax paying voters through all sorts of fraud, including allowing dead people to vote, allowing people to vote more than once, buying votes, dumping ballots in a river fifty-two years ago, thereby stealing an election,  allowing felons to vote and making it difficult and even impossible  for many of our military service men and women overseas to vote or have their votes counted.


In Habakkuk 2:6 the prophet pronounced woe on the one who  “increases that which is not his.”  Crooked politicians may buy their way into office; but their dishonesty is not hidden to God.  He sees it all and he will pour out his woes and His wrath  on all those who are involved in stealing elections.


In every election I have observed through the past fifty years, elections have often been very close, as dishonest politicians “have found just the votes they needed” to put their candidate into office, even if it means counting the dead or double counting votes, or destroying the ballots of the opposition.


I remember reading in my history book that when out nation was founded, the concern was “no taxation without representation”.   What is so evil in turning that around? “No representation without taxation.”   I would like to see the day when only law abiding, tax paying citizens who are educated enough to read a ballot and make intelligent decisions be permitted to vote.


Would you pray with me for God’s will to be accomplished in this election?





October 22, 2012 - Posted by | America

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