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Wisdom for Living

Proverbs chapter 12 continues the theme  of this book, contrasting the righteous with the unrighteous,  the wise with the foolish. It identifies the righteous as wise and the unrighteous as fools.


The chapter starts out in verse 1 contrasting Christians and unbelievers. Christians are those who have agreed with God’s Word that they are sinners in need of a Saviour.  They have humbly put their trust in Christ who is their Wisdom, as well as their Saviour.  As Christians, they love the instruction and comfort of reading and studying God’s Word, the Bible. The unbeliever, by contrast, trusts in his own pitiful self-righteousness. He  hates and ignores  the reproof and instruction of God’s Word and is portrayed as ignorant as a brute beast.  


Verse 2 continues this contrast by declaring that the good man,  (that is the sinner whose  trust is in the righteousness and goodness of His Saviour, the  Lord Jesus Christ) daily obtains the favor and blessings of God; whereas the wicked Christ-rejecter is condemned right now, as well is throughout eternity..  John 3:18 and 5:24  confirm this truth.


Do you long for stability in your life?   Proverbs 12:3  warns that a wicked Christ rejecter will never experience stability in his life; whereas the Christian will not be shaken  by difficult circumstances. In Christ alone is stability.  He is the Rock foundation of our lives.


The state of one’s marriage is very much influenced by one’s  relationship with Christ. Verse 4 teaches that  a godly, pure, virtuous woman is  a crown and a blessing to her husband;  whereas an ungodly woman is as a cancer to her husband causing his bones to rot and bringing him shame. Think about this, Christian young man and woman, your spiritual relationship with God and  your  would- be spouse’s spiritual relationship with God should be the number one, all-important concern when seeking a spouse. The typical couple when planning their marriage spends most of their time planning the ceremony, reception and honeymoon trip and very little time discussing life as husband and wife and the raising of children. To gain a proper long-range perspective I urge you to  go to my series on MARRIAGE  and on  FAMILY on this web site to read and study them.


Verses  5-6  remind us that our relationship with God affects our thinking and our speech. We are warned  that the advice of the wicked is deceitful. On the other hand, the words of those who have been given the righteousness and wisdom of God through faith in the shed blood of Christ can deliver and bless us.  This a good reason for attending a church where Christ is exalted and where His infallible, inspired  Word, the Bible, is taught and lived out.


Verse 7 gives an ultimatum to each of us. The wicked are overthrown. The righteous enjoy stability and security. Our future now and in eternity is determined by our decision to receive or reject Jesus and His blood atonement.


Verse 8 offers you a choice. A wise-hearted man or woman will be useful and commended.  Those who reject God’s Word will forfeit that wisdom and be despised. 


Verse 9  looks at the idea of being despised in a different light from verse  8.  Whereas verse 8 warns of being despised for being perverse and rejecting the wisdom of God;  verse 9 refers to one who is despised for doing right. He is despised by the world for walking in integrity and being successful in life.   This person may even be successful enough to  have a servant  or more labor-saving tools in his house.  On the other hand, there are those who vainly try to honor themselves but are despised by others.  We never look so foolish than when we are being pompous and proud when we really have nothing for which to be proud.  


Verse 10 contrasts the wicked and the righteous.  The wicked are thoughtless and cruel to their pets and farm animals; whereas the righteous are thoughtful and show them kindness.


Verse 11 contrasts the hard worker who earns a living and has his needs met   with the lazy loafer who follows vain, Socialistic, political leaders who offer to meet all his needs.  One who follows such leaders is void of understanding.


Verses 12 and 14 contrast the outcome of the wicked with the righteous.


Verses 15-16 describe Christi-rejecters who see themselves as right, but they are actually fools.


Verses 17-23  contrast  the speech of the righteous and the wicked. There we are taught to avoid using our speech and our words as swords, piercing the hearts of others.  Rather, we are to use our words to bring the healing of God’s Truth to them. As a preacher throughout my life I have sought to use the Word of God as a sword to cut hard, self-righteous hearts and to bring the healing of God’s  Word to the broken-hearted.


Do you want to go places and be greatly used of God?  Verse 24 reminds us to be diligent and learn. The same verse contrasts the slothful who will live their lives enslaved to others and in debt all their lives.


Verse 25 reminds us that there are many heavy hearts in the world. We are encouraged to speak truth to them in such a way that they are encouraged.


Verses 26-28 close out this chapter teaching that righteousness ( that is Christ’s imputed righteousness taught in Romans 4) lifts us from the pathway of death and puts us on the pathway of life, leading to eternal life in Heaven.

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