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Liberalism: Good or Evil?

Basically, the term liberal describes a good and noble quality of life to be sought after.  A liberal person is a kind, loving generous person who spends his life and his substances reaching out to the needy, personally doing what he can to meet their needs. 

Elsewhere on this website under the categories  Liberalism and Separation you will be warned how this good and desirable quality of life has been corrupted by Satan and how it can be misunderstood and  misused and become a wicked and dangerous  religious and political philosophy to be eschewed and rejected.

But in this message we will consider the good and proper use of this term  as we consider this Proverbs 11:24-31 passage before us. 

We begin with an eternal, divine principle before us in verse 24.  Read it from the Bible as I paraphrase it for you.  There is a divine principle at work that when one scatters and shares his own personal resources: that is, his money, time, energy and possessions with those in need who have no ability to reciprocate, God sees to it that  he is well rewarded;  whereas, those who selfishly ignore the plight of the poor  tend  to lose what they have and become poor  themselves.

This principle is repeated in verses 25 and 26 and throughout the Bible.  Galatians 6:9-10 teaches us. “Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good to all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” 

Note in verse 26 that if those in need have the ability to pay for the  commodity needed; then it is not evil for the owner to sell it   to the one in need.  Of course, it would be wrong to take advantage of the needy by over-charging him.

Returning to Proverbs 11  note that  verse 27 promises that those who seek the good of others  experience the favor and blessing of God.  On the other hand, those who seek to take advantage of others in need, will sooner or later pay for their sins.  God has His way of carrying out vengeance.  Romans 12:19

Verse 28 continues this theme by warning the rich that if we trust in our riches, we will eventually come to need.  Jesus gives an example of this in His story found in Luke 12:15-21  of the fall of the rich man who trusted in his riches. Read it and be warned. 

Verse 28 not only warns us of the danger of living for ourselves;  but in contrast, it also encourages us that if we are living a righteous life, that is living for Christ in His strength,  we will flourish.  On the other hand, all our efforts of  self-righteousness to attain Heaven  are as stinking, filthy rags in His sight. Isaiah  64:6.  Only Christ’s righteousness imputed to the believer, makes one fit to enter Heaven. Read Romans 4.

Verse 29 warns those self-centered, stubborn, rebellious souls that if they continue in that direction, they will inherit the wind and end up with nothing but constant trouble. At very best, they will end up serving those who chose the wisdom of God.

In contrast to a self-centered life, verse 30 challenges and encourages us to live for others. As we help others physically, the greatest blessing we can be to them is to share the Gospel with them so that they become trees of life bearing fruit for the glory of God.  Those who live such selfless lives are considered wise according to God’s standards.  God not only blesses Christians eternally in Heaven, but often in this life we experience the material blessings of God.  

By God’s grace,  my wife and I each came to Christ as children and have lived our lives for him.  As I write this, I have just completed fifty-five years as a pastor.  Now approaching our eighties we continue to rejoice in God’s blessing on our lives, both physically and materially.  Life for us has been one grand adventure.  All of this- and Heaven too. What more could we ask?

Verse 31 concludes Proverbs 11.  with the thought that as we Christians who have lived for Christ are rewarded with blessings now and throughout eternity; so the wicked will eventually experience the consequences of their selfish, God-hating lives; not only in this life on earth but in Hell also.

I urge you to make the right decision concerning Christ. Receive Him now as Saviour and Lord and live your life for others and for God’s  glory. You will experience His blessing now and eternally.  The alternative is a wasted life of sorrow on this earth and throughout eternity.

August 21, 2012 - Posted by | PROVERBS

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