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Kingdom Concerns

In the light of our previous study of  Romans 14:10-12 concerning the Bema Judgment  of Christians it should concern us how we relate to weaker brethren; that is, Christians whom we believe are misled concerning Bible doctrine and who are over-influenced by Satan and his world system.

By weaker brethren I am not speaking of those who deny the Bible as the inspired,  infallible Word of God and who deny salvation through the shed blood of Christ.  They are not weaker brethren, but enemies of Christ and are of their father, the devil. John 8:34-44.

How can we help our weaker brethren?


Receive them as brothers. Romans 14:1

Don’t argue with them over non-essentials. Romans 14:1

Don’t despise them for their perceived weakness, Romans 14:3

Don’t judge or condemn one another for these differences.  Romans 14:3-4

Remember that none of us live to ourselves.  We’re all interdependent on one another.  We can’t make it alone as Christians.  We need the prayers and encouragement of each other. Romans  14:7

Don’t stumble and offend  a weaker brother  by our conversations and actions. Romans 14:13,  Matthew 18:6

Be charitable and loving in our relationships and dealings with one another.  Let love rule. Romans  14:15

Guard your reputation. Romans 14:16   Dr. Bob Jones Sr., founder of Bob Jones University,  used to tell us in chapel, “Your  character is what God knows you to be. Your reputation is how others perceive you.”   Your reputation is important for your testimony’s sake.

Focus on the essentials of Scripture, the Gospel, salvation through the shed blood of Christ.

When it comes to Christ’s Kingdom, yes, there is a promise of a coming Millennial Kingdom of Christ.  At the same time, there is a spiritual truth for every Christians to grasp.  The Kingdom has already begun in the heart of every Christian.  Christ reigns now. Matthew 5:3,10,20,  Luke 17:20-21,  Romans 14:17,  Colossians 1:13,  I Thessalonians 2:12,  and  I Corinthians 4:20.  Let’s focus on these concerns that edify rather than the picky differences of opinion that divide.

Endeavor to try to keep peace in God’s family. Romans 14:19,  Ephesians 4:3,13.

Here’s one with which  I especially have problems!  Keep your personal opinions to yourself.  Don’t burden down other Christians with you convictions of right and wrong.  Romans 14:22  Live by your convictions.

Bear with, that is, put up with the weaknesses of others. Romans 15:1 Christ is our example in this matter.  Romans 15:3   He did not live for self-fulfillment and  for self-satisfaction.  Rather He lived and died for others.

May God help us as Christians to live by these Kingdom Concerns.


July 3, 2012 - Posted by | Romans

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