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Jeweled Pig

A JEWELED PIG   Proverbs 11:16 & 22


As we continue in Proverbs chapter 11, we continue to learn practical wisdom.  In verse 16 & 22 we have honorable and dishonorable women contrasted.   In verse 16 we learn that a gracious, wise woman, whether a ravishing beauty or not,  retains honor; whereas in verse 22 we see that a glamorous woman lacking discretion and virtue is likened to a pig with a precious jewel of gold fastened in her snout.  What a waste of beauty!

Young men, learn this truth well.  When seeking a wife, ravishing beauty can wear pretty thin if your wife turns out to be a slob and she allows her house to deteriorate into a pig sty; or worse yet, an ungodly woman who has no use for God.

When I was courting my future wife,  I noticed, not only her godliness, but  her own personal cleanliness and how she kept her room.  If she had been a slob, I would  have ceased my relationship with her.  Thankfully, her personal cleanliness and her neatness have never changed throughout our 57 years of marriage.  Of course, as she has grown older and finds it more difficult to move about, I have tried to be a help to her with more of the cleaning and household chores, especially since I retired from my full time responsibilities as a pastor. 

Boys, beware of girls who are rude to their parents, brothers and sisters, as well as to others.  They will continue to be rude after they are married.  Girl’s the same warning applies to boys.  Don’t expect to change character flaw in your mate after your are married. Far better to cut off the relationship now!

MERCIFUL MEN    Proverbs 11:17


In this verse we learn that a merciful man, though he may be totally selfless;  is actually doing good to his own soul.  Though his chief concern is to be a blessing to others, it turns out to his own good. The blessings he shows to others actually boomerang on himself.  Jesus promised this in His Beatitude found in Matthew 5:7  “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.”

It ought not be difficult for one who has obtained mercy from God to show mercy to others who need it.  Read what Jesus said about this in Matthew 18:21-35.

On the other hand, those who are self-centered, thoughtless and cruel to others,  end up bringing curses on their own selves and their own families. Read again Proverbs 11:17

WHAT CAN  YOU EXPECT?   Proverbs 11:23


Trust Christ, love and live for Him and you can expect everything to work out for your good.   Romans 8:28  repeats this truth.  On the other hand, ignore God and  live for yourself only and you can expect the worst.

LIBERALITY vs  STINGINESS   Proverbs 11:24-28



Here is a law or principle of life that is just as sure as the law of gravity. Be generous to God by giving to the spread of the Gospel and to others in need and you will be blessed and see your net worth increase.  Be stingy and you will shrivel up in poverty.  Read these promises.  Luke 6:38  and II Corinthians 9:6-8.

INHERIT THE WIND   Proverbs 11:29



We trouble our family and our home when we set our hearts on doing wrong.   The same warning is given to wives and mothers in Proverbs 14:1.




The fruit of those who share the Gospel with others, is not simply fruit. Rather the fruit of the righteous who share the Gospel with others are  other fruit trees which bear good fruit.   In other words, the blessings of your life are multiplied.  Those who live only for themselves are selfish and miss out on these blessings.



The lifestyle of  “the rich and the famous” is not to be compared to the blessings of the righteous.  I can testify to the truth of verse 31.  I have been blessed beyond measure as a faithful servant of Christ.   Honestly, I have been blessed far beyond any rich ungodly man I know. I would not trade place with him for one minute.




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