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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

God Cares

God sees, He hears, He knows, He understands, He cares for us! I remind you of

I Peter 5:7.  “Casting all your care, (your worries, concerns and burdens)  upon Him for He cares for you.”

Those truths are difficult for us to understand.  God seems so distant and so different and so unapproachable to us. He is Almighty God.  We are but mere dust, sinful men and women.

It’s only as we come to know Him intimately through trusting His Son, Jesus Christ, who died and rose again to pay for our sins and to give us His salvation and it’s only as we spend time in His presence by reading and listening to His Word and communing with Him in prayer that we begin to understand just how much He loves and cares for us. 

Read Psalm 139 and listen to it with your heart. The Psalmist, speaking for all of us, is lost in wonder and amazement and worship of His Creator and Friend who  has known and been intently present with us from the moment of conception in our mother’s womb. His interest and concern continues as our bodies are formed with all the differences that make us individuals, unlike any other person who has ever been born. 

In fact, before the world was ever created He was thinking and planning for each of us in eternity past. In Ephesians 1:4 we learn that He knew about us with all of our strength and weaknesses and with all of our idiosyncrasies  and we were loved and chosen in Him before the foundation of the world to know Him and belong to Him forever.

You may think, “But I am only one of billions of people on this earth. How can He think and care about me?”

Let me answer that by reminding you of even more staggering facts. Jesus reminds us in His Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6:26 that He cares for the birds of the air.  Certainly He is aware of all the animals, birds and even insects.  He feeds them and provides for them and Matthew 10:29 reminds us that He is aware when they fall to their death. To think that through is far  beyond our comprehension.  

Mathew10:30  reminds us that He is aware of the number of hairs on our heads. That number changes daily, perhaps hourly. Why would God be concerned enough  to know the number of the hairs on our head?  I  don’t know.  All I know is that it shows how much and how intimately God cares for each of us.

The Psalmist continues in Psalm 139:17-18 to make us aware of God’s constant, multiplied thoughts concerning us. Those thoughts are more in number than all the sands of all the seas in the world.  The Psalmist describes them all  as precious thoughts.

So the next time you get depressed over your situation in life and feel that God has totally forgotten you and does not care about you, give yourself a good shaking and take time to read Psalm 139 again and rejoice that He understands.

I close these thoughts with a song that has meant much to me. 



             by John W. Peterson

1. No one understand like Jesus,

He’s a friend beyond compare;

Meet Him at the throne of mercy,

He is waiting for you there.


No one understands like Jesus,

When the days are dark and grim;

No one is so near, so dear as Jesus,

Cast your every care on Him.

2. No one understands like Jesus,

Every woe He sees and feels;

Tenderly He whispers comfort,

And the broken heart He heals.

3. No one understands like Jesus,

When the foes of life assail,

You should never be discouraged,

Jesus cares and will not fail.

4. No one understands like Jesus,

When you falter on the way,

Tho’ you fail Him, sadly fail Him,

He will pardon you today.


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