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Israel’s Restoration

As we have continued our study of Romans 11, we have been struck with the obvious fact that  God’s relationship with Israel  is the major theme. We’ve noted that  Israel  has been described as the cultivated olive tree; the main branch which was cut down when they rejected the Lord Jesus as  their Messiah and into which we Gentiles, the wild olive branch,  have been grafted.  

God is not through with Israel!


Read now Romans 11:25-32 and learn the following truths.

1. Israel’s blindness is temporary.  Romans 11:25

2. All true Israel  is eventually going to be saved.  Romans 11:26-27

Going back to Deuteronomy 30:1-6,   the fact of their restoration is not a question of  IF but WHEN!

Read the following prophecies of the Jew’s recognition and reception of their  Messiah when He is revealed.  Ezekiel 34:11-16, 23-24, 30,  36:17-21,  23-28,   37:11-28.

Presently Israel hates and rejects the Gospel of Christ. Romans 11:28


This is the age of  The Church, composed of regenerated Jews and Gentiles, who have put their trust in Jesus, the Messiah.

God has not forgotten His everlasting covenant to the Jews. He still loves them and will restore them to Himself.

We are all sinners and in need of God’s mercy.   Romans 11:30-32

As  Christians, let us show mercy to the Jews to whom we are so indebted, by reaching out to them with the Gospel of Christ that they will also see the big picture of what God is presently doing in this Church Age and what lies ahead as He restores them to Himself in the Age to come.



December 26, 2011 - Posted by | Romans

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