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Israel’s Future

In Romans 9 we dealt with  Israel’s past as a nation.  Though they had a great heritage as God’s chosen people of all the people on the face of the earth, they rejected God  when they rejected the Lord Jesus Christ, calling for His crucifixion. They were temporarily switched to a side track, as far as God’s purpose was concerned.  The Church Age began at Pentecost and has been on the main track of God’s purpose ever since.


In Romans 10 we see  Israel  spiritually blinded and sitting on that side track through  the Church Age.  When the true Church is raptured to  Heaven, Israel  will once again be switched to the main track of God’s purpose for a week of seven years, known as The Great Tribulation and described in The Revelation.


In Romans 11 we learn of  Israel’s future; when through their sufferings during The Great Tribulation, they will come to know and receive Jesus, their Messiah, who died on the cross for them; as well as for the rest of the world.   At that time of conversion to Christ, Israel  will be given a new heart.




Throughout  Israel’s history there has always been a remnant of  Jews who have turned to God, as for example in Elijah’s day.  Throughout the Church Age there has been a remnant of Jews who received Jesus as their Messiah. Read of that remnant in Romans 11:1-6






The remainder of  Israel  has been spiritually blinded, according to Romans 11:7-10.   The reason for their spiritual blindness has been hearts hardened by sins to the message of Christ. See Matthew 13:10-17 concerning this blindness.


When people reject the Light given to them, it results in hardened hearts, as we learn in John 12:30-41.  This was prophesied in  Psalm 69:20-28






In God’s sovereignty, Israel’s spiritual blindness and  rejection of Christ opened the door to God’s blessing of the Gentiles. See Romans 11:11-22. But in the future, perhaps soon, Israel  will turn to Christ as their Messiah and through  Israel’s restoration,  the entire earth will be blessed, according to Romans 11:12.





In Romans 11:15-24 we read of two olive trees. One, picturing Israel,  is cultivated and well cared for.  The other, picturing Gentiles,  is a wild, uncultivated olive tree.  


In this 11th chapter of Romans we read of the cultivated olive tree, picturing Israel, being cut off.  That took place when  Israel  rejected Christ, calling out at the cross,  ” We will not have this man reign over us.  We have no king but Caesar.”


At that time the branch from the wild olive tree, (The Gentiles), was grafted into the cultivated olive tree, (The Jews)    That’s what happened when  Israel  rejected Christ.  We Gentiles began to be blessed by our relationship with  Israel’s God.  The warning to us as Gentiles is to not be high-minded and mistreat the Jews, because of their rejection of Christ.  We Gentiles are grafted into the cultivated olive tree.   We are blessed through that relationship withIsrael.


Read Romans 11:25-32. Israel, after undergoing the purification of persecution during the Great Tribulation, is going to turn to Christ and receive Him as Saviour and Messiah.  


This is prophesied in Deuteronomy 30:1-8  and Ezekiel 34, 36 and 37.  Romans 11:25-36 concludes with the wonderfully good news forIsrael, and concludes with a benediction of praise to God for His amazing mercy and grace shown us, as well as Israel.  Is this too much for your mind?  It is also too much for my mind. Rejoice with me in the truth of God’s unsearchable wisdom  described in Romans 11:33-36.  



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