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A Needy World

Earlier we pointed out that Romans 9 deals with  Israel’s past, Romans 10 deals with  Israel’s present and Romans 11 deals with  Israel’s future.  In the previous message from Romans 9, we dealt with  Israel’s past.  In this message from Romans 10 we deal with  Israel’s present state.

Picture  Israel  and The Church as two trains on the railroad track of God’s purpose. In the Old Testament  we saw Israel  on the main line of God’s purpose and the Church had not yet come into view.

When we come to the New Testament, we begin in the Gospels with Israel still on the main line.  The Church is still out of sight.  After Israel  rejects Christ as their Messiah and crucifies Him, Israel  is moved to a siding  as we enter the Book of Acts.  We see the Church appearing for the first time on the main track of God’s purpose.  That’s the way it has been these past 2000 years.  The Church has been on the main line of God’s purpose and Israel  has been sitting on a siding.

When Christ returns for His Church, composed of regenerated gentiles and Jews, the Church will be whisked off to Heaven and Christ-rejecting Israel will once again be on the main track of God’s purpose on this earth for a period of seven years, known as The Tribulation.  During this time, all  Israel will be saved, at the cost of their own lives, by receiving Christ as her Messiah and Saviour.   That’s the message of Romans 9-11 and prophesied in many Old Testament Scriptures, such as Ezekiel 36-39 and Zechariah 12-14.

Reading Romans 10, we become aware of three divisions of the chapter.

Romans 10:1-3      The need of the world

Romans 10:4-13    God’s answer to that need.

Romans 10:14-17  Our responsibility as Christian in the light of that need.


In these verses we find  Israel  as sinners in desperate need of God’s righteousness just as we found ourselves and the whole world in that sinful state back in Romans chapters 1 and 2.  We’re all in the same boat, sinful, helpless to do anything about it and condemned by a Holy God and in need of His Salvation through Christ.

Note Paul’s concern for his own people, the Jews, as expressed in Romans 9:1 and 10:1.   Like Paul, known as Saul of Tarsus, before he was converted to Christ; they have a zeal for God, but without the true knowledge of God.  Zeal without knowledge is terribly dangerous.  It makes for wild-eyed, hateful fanatics, just as Paul was before his conversion to Christ when he spent his life persecuting and  murdering Christians.

Such are as the enthusiastic crowd of Jews were a week before Jesus’ crucifixion.  Those same people, under the influence of their hateful, religious leaders, a week later became the murderous, Jewish mob when they shouted for the crucifixion of Jesus; not recognizing Him as their Messiah. 

Today, enemies of Christ, as cultists come to our doors with their distorted religious propaganda; ignorant of God’s righteousness as it is revealed in the first five chapters of Romans.  If you missed it, I encourage you to go back to the beginning of this series in Romans and learn how we are made righteous and fit for Heaven in the eyes of God.


II. GOD’S ANSWER TO MAN’S NEED    Romans 10:4-13



Why does sinful man not submit himself to the righteousness of God?  He is willfully ignorant  and rebellious.  See John 5:40.

How are we saved?  Just believe what God says in His Word, the Bible concerning Jesus Christ.  God’s only begotten Son, who died on the cross, shedding His blood for our sins,  is the only answer. Romans 10:4.  His salvation is  near.  Romans 10:8.

If you believe Him, confess Him openly and unashamedly with your mouth.

Romans 10:9-11.  Confess that Jesus is your only righteousness and your only hope of salvation.   To simply confess Christ as your Lord, without first recognizing Him as your Saviour, will not save you.   Confess Him first as your Saviour and then you will desire to confess Him as your Lord.  Don’t be ashamed to make that confession before others. Read Romans10:11 and consider this carefully.

Note in Romans 10:11-13 that this salvation is available to both Jews and Gentiles.  Those two designations cover everyone in the world.  You are ether a Jew or a Gentile.   Note the designation “whosoever”.  Read it in John3:16 and Revelation 22:17, the last invitation in the Bible.




Every true Christian has been given the responsibility to share the Gospel with others.   We are all witnesses first.   Everything else is secondary.

Don’t be sidetracked to lesser concerns.  such as cleaning up the environment,  solving social problems,  being involved in political causes, or any other cause.  Meeting eternal spiritual needs is much more crucial than meeting temporal material needs.  Meeting temporal needs such as providing clean drinking water and food and clothing are important,  God can use that effort to open doors to share the Gospel.  But limiting your involvement to meeting social needs and ignoring spiritual needs can send well fed, well clothed sinners to Hell.

The supreme task of the Church is the evangelization of the world.  Every one of us as  Christian should take that Great Commission seriously and personally by either going personally or helping to send others in our place.  We do that by praying the Lord of the Harvest to send forth reapers into the harvest fields of the world and giving to help support them.

Will you read and consider how you fit into God’s plan, as you read Isaiah 6:8  and  Matthew 9:37-38 and Romans 12:1-2 ?

Romans chapter 10 concludes with a problem.  Not our problem, but God’s.

Paul asks whether everyone in the world has had a chance to hear of God?  The answer is yes according to  verse 18.   Review  Romans 1:18-21. God has spoken to everyone of His existence and love through His Creation. See also Psalm 19:1-4.

Today the Jews are provoked to jealousy by God’s grace shown to us Gentiles who have been saved. See Romans10:19   Nevertheless, many Jews continue to reject their Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, according to Romans10:21   Would you pray for the Jews that they may find their Messiah yet in this Church Age of grace?







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