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Hardened Hearts

Why is it that the Word of God seems totally ineffective in some lives?  Why do so many reject the Gospel?   God’s Word is not powerless and ineffective.  Our witness is not necessarily ineffective.   The fact is that not everyone is going to be saved.

When God made His Covenant or promise with Abraham to bless the world through him and his Seed; not all of Abraham’s descendents inherited the Covenant.  Only the family of Isaac; not the family of Ishmael. When the Covenant passed to the next generation, only the family of Jacob inherited it.  Of Jacob’s twelve sons, only the family of Judah  inherited the Abrahamic Covenant.   Those outside the Abrahamic Covenant  found their hearts hardened by God. Rom.9:17-18

But don’t blame God for hardened hearts.  God only hardens the hearts of those who have already hardened their hearts towards Him.  Note, for example,  Pharaoh of Egypt in the time of Moses.  Pharaoh hardened his own heart towards God before God hardened Pharaoh’s heart.   See Exodus 8:15,32; 9:34-35, 10:1,20; 11:10; 14:4.




1, God is faithful.  His Word is true.  He promises to save and not cast out anyone who comes to Christ for salvation.  John 6:37 “All that the Father gives to Me, shall come to Me and Him that comes to me I will in no wise or under no circumstance cast out.”   

Don’t get hung up on the first part of that verse and blame God for not being saved.  Focus on the second half of that verse.  Do you want to be saved?  Then come to Christ and trust His blood sacrifice on your behalf.  Look at the promise.  I will in no wise cast out. 


Christ promises to keep us saved all the way to Heaven.  Listen to Jesus praying for His own  in John 17:6 and 11.  If you are a Christian, you cannot lose your salvation.  You security is not in your ability to live the Christian life.  You security is in Christ who has His own in the palm of his hand forever.  Read John 10:27-30  That’s security!!!

2. God is righteous.   Read Romans 9:14.  We must NEVER question God’s righteousness. even when we do not understand His ways. Read the story of Job who faced severe testing, even though he was a righteous man.  How that book has encouraged and comforted me in my tmes of severe testing!

3. God is compassionate and loving.  Read Romans 9:15.  God loves the whole world, according to John 3:16;  but to learn how He loves the world,  read Romans 5:8   and I John 4:9-10

Those who reject His love by turning their backs on His Son, face His fierce wrath.  John 3:36

4. God is merciful.  Romans 9:14-18.  No one deserves God’s mercy.  We never have and never will deserve it.  We only deserve God’s judgment and Hell.  In His mercy He saves some. Others reject Christ as Saviour and remain lost. 

It is not our prerogative to judge whether God is fair or not.  It is none of our business.   God is merciful and long-suffering, not willing that any should perish.  Don’t ever besmirch God’s character by teaching it is God’s will to condemn some to hell.  Will you rest in the truth of  II Peter 3:9 ?   

Our business as Christians is to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, starting with our family and friends and our neighborhood.  God will save some.  Evangelistic effort is our business.  Evangelistic success is God’s business; not ours. 

5.  God is sovereign.   Learn Romans 9:19-29 and rest in it.  What a comfort this truth is in times of crises.  God is God and He is under no obligation to explain His ways to His creatures. Read Romans 9:20-21.  We Gentile Christians and the Jews saved in this present church age are His vessels of mercy.  God has promised that a remnant of Jews will be saved. Read Romans 9:27-29


Let’s leave God’s sovereign ways in His hands. 

Away with all our self-righteousness and pride.

Jesus is the Rock of our Salvation.

Most Jews, as well as gentiles  have stumbled over that  Rock.

Those of us who have received Christ as our Rock of Salvation are not ashamed of Christ. We rejoice what He has done for us. 

Let’s thank Him for His love and mercy in seeking us out, drawing us to Himself and saving us by His grace and mercy.


December 4, 2011 - Posted by | Romans

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