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Travailing for the Lost

In our study of the first eight chapters of Romans we’ve learned how God takes a lost, unworthy sinner and imputes God’s righteousness to his account through faith in Christ who shed His blood to pay the penalty for our sins.  We’ve also seen in Romans 6-8 how God sanctifies us, enabling us to live holy lives through the power of  His indwelling Holy Spirit.

Now in Romans 9-11 we learn more wonderful truths concerning our salvation and how  Israel  fits into the picture.   In these three chapters we learn of  Israel’s past in chapter 9,  her present in chapter 10 and her future in chapter 11.   We focus our attention now on the first three verses of  Romans 9.



Paul, who had been a Jewish Pharisee and a chief enemy of Christ before his conversion,  speaks in Romans 9:1-3  and 10:1-3  of his great heaviness of heart and his crushing sorrow for Israel who rejects Christ as her Messiah and Saviour.

We Christians should all bear that crushing sorrow for our loved ones, both family and friends, as well as our nation, for  Israel  and for a lost world who are still without Christ.


Psalm 126:5-6 encourages us to go to those we love with the Gospel.  We can’t save anyone; but the Gospel can.   This passage encourages us with the promise that if we go to those we love,  weeping with a broken heart,  sharing the Gospel; that we will doubtless come with rejoicing bearing our sheaves with us.  That is, we will see success.  We don’t save anyone, but God can save them if we just give them the Good News.  As you grow in your love for God, you will also grow in love for lost sinners.

Sharing a good Gospel tract is one way.  I try to find creative ways to share my Hidden Treasures web site with friends and strangers. If this web site has helped you,  I encourage you to share it also.  When you do, you  offer people the opportunity to read over 600 Bible-teaching articles on a vast array of practical topics, including The Gospel which is woven throughout.  

I keep pouring my time and energy into this web site with the assurance that even though I may never meet nor hear of converts to Christ now,  one day I will have the joy of meeting them in Heaven.  Perhaps you are one of those who have come to faith in Christ.  I look forward to an eternity of getting to know you. 

You may have noticed that I include good jokes under A Merry Heart  and Gems of other writers in this web site.  I trust that those who read the jokes and gems may also read salvation messages and be saved.

The Gospel, (The Good News) clearly presented in II Corinthians 5:21,  is the germinating Seed which  must penetrate the heart of the unbeliever in order for him to have eternal life.

Before a woman can have a baby, she must travail in pain in labor and delivery.  Isaiah 66:8 reminds us that Israel travailed before she  had children. So when we travail in sorrow for the lost and share the Gospel with them, some are going to be saved.

That burden has constantly been on me throughout the years of my ministry. Actually that burden came upon me after I was saved at the age of nine.  My heart constantly aches for the lost.  Now that I am retired, that sorrow for the lost does not let up.  Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, the weight of a lost world is always on my heart and mind.   When I go into a restaurant for a meal, I see people around me, including the waiter/ waitress and think about ways I can reach out to them with the Gospel.  

Recently I was in a grocery store and heard the man in the check-out line ahead of me telling one joke after another to the cashier.  So I suggested to him that he might like to go to my Hidden Treasure’s web site and read over 40 good jokes he might enjoy.  He appeared to appreciate my suggestion and I expect he has already been to this site.

Luke 19:41  tells us that Jesus wept over  Jerusalem.  Are you weeping over your nation and over a lost world?   In  America we are in the most desperate times I have ever seen.  I am tempted to be depressed and angry over the ineptness and stupidity of many of our politicians; but as Christ, I need to have a broken heart and weep over a sin-sick nation. Our disease of sin as a nation is far deeper than the vast chasm between liberal and conservative politics.  

Dear reader, have you received the Good News of the Gospel, as found in II Corinthians 5:21,  John 3:16,  Acts 16:31?   I’m not asking you to change your life.  God will deal with you concerning any change you need to make in your life and He will give you His supernatural power to make the change.  Trust Him now while God is speaking to you through His Word.  See the urgency of getting off the road to Hell and getting on the road to Heaven in  II Corinthians 6:1-2 NOW!  Then get into a serious reading and studying of God’s Word.  Submit yourself to Him and He will make the necessary changes.


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