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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

Wise vs Fools

The entire book of Proverbs contrasts wisdom vs folly  and  righteousness vs unrighteousness.

Proverbs 1-9 introduces us to the topic of Heavenly Wisdom, contrasting it with sinful folly.

Beginning with chapter 10  we are introduced  to specific, but unrelated statements contrasting wisdom and righteousness with foolishness and unrighteousness.   Let’s consider them.



Nothing accomplished in life by Christian parents and teachers brings more joy than seeing our sons and daughters and students grow up to know God and live in obedience to His Word.  See also Proverbs 23:15-26

Nothing in life brings Christian parents and teachers greater heartbreak  than raising  foolish, rebellious sons or daughters or students.  Proverbs 15:20.  

Parents are given the responsibility in Proverbs 22:6 to train up  their children in the way they should go.  We will deal with this further, Lord willing, when we come to that passage in this Proverbs series.



Proverbs 10:2-5 teaches that the wicked can offer nothing of eternal value or profit to God for themselves.  Their efforts and resources are of no value to God. Matthew 6:19-20 and Luke 12:19-20.  Their material wealth is of no value when it comes to eternal life.

Only righteousness enables us to gain eternal life.  Of course, that righteousness is not self-righteousness, as Titus 3:5-6 makes clear. Therefore,  the only righteousness which is of eternal value is the imputed righteousness of Christ to our account.  That is justification, which is clearly explained in Romans 3:21- 5:21in my Roman’s series.  


That imputed righteousness changes our hearts and makes possible a changed life of God’s imparted righteousness. Such righteousness is  taught throughout the New Testament as the doctrine of Sanctification.

God promises to meet all our needs, as promised in Proverbs 10:3. This promise is repeated throughout the Bible, as seen in Psalm 1:6, 3:8, 5:12, 23:1, 34:17, 19,22, 37:25,  Matthew 6:25-26 and Philippians 4:19.

There may be times when we are physically hungry, as Paul testified of himself in I Corinthians4:11and II Corinthians 11:27; however, God promise our souls will never be famished or starve.  My wife and I experienced this  through different seasons of our lives, especially early in our marriage and through some financially lean years; however we never starved and these experiences taught us to appreciate what we had and how to manage our money wisely.

For a number of years during the early years of our ministry, we lived well below the poverty level,  but we never starved and we always experienced the enriching presence of God in our poverty. For that reason we never considered ourselves as poor nor did we ever apply for government assistance. 

Let me warn any would-be preacher that you are crazy and evil to choose the ministry as a way of gaining wealth.  If you are not in the ministry for the spiritual wealth of others, get out now before God brings down His judgment on you.  Proverbs 10:3 warns that God casts away the substance of the wicked!  

Read God’s warning in Luke 12:29-20 to the foolish, wicked farmer who lived only for himself and had no heart for God.  Paul warned of preachers who were in the ministry for filthy lucre’s sake.  I Timothy 3:3, Titus 1:7,11,  Peter warned of it in I Peter 5:2,

Proverbs 10:4-5 shows the path to  wealth and to poverty?

Laziness is the path to poverty and shame.  See also Proverbs 19:16, 20:4,23:21, 24:30-34.

Diligence and hard work  mark the path of those who are blessed materially.  Proverbs 10:5,  13:4  and 22:29.

The righteous are blessed and memorialized while the wicked are destroyed and often violently.  Proverbs 10:6-10



The righteous bless with their words; whereas the wicked stir up strife and  eventually destroy themselves



Read in Luke 12:16-21 of  Jesus’ warning concerning the rich farmer who lived only for himself.

Christ is our City of  Refugeand our strong tower in which we hide from the wrath and judgment of God.  Proverbs 18:10-11   Have you fled to Christ to hide from the judgment of God on you as a sinner?   Do it now! Come as a guilty, helpless sinner to God and cast yourself on Christ who died to pay the penalty of your sins and give you eternal life.




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