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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

The Choice is Yours

In  Proverbs  9  Wisdom is personified  as speaking and challenging us to come to Him for wisdom.    Most Christians are familiar with the truth  that Christ is our Redeemer, our Righteousness and our Sanctification.   In I Corinthians1:30-31 we learn that The Lord Jesus Christ is also our wisdom.   You may recall from our study of Proverbs 8  that the theme of that chapter is Christ our Wisdom.  We continue that theme in Proverbs 9.

The mystery of Christ is that He who is eternal God the Creator, came into this world 2000 years ago as a new born baby, the supernaturally- conceived Son of God born to a virgin, Mary.

He is the Saviour to all who come in humility as sinners and trust the sacrifice of His shed blood on the cross as the full payment for our sins.  This Saviour is also our Wisdom.

Chapter 9 begins by emphasizing the rich feast provided for us by Wisdom. Solomon, who had the magnificent Temple  built in his day,  is speaking in this chapter of this beautiful temple.  We Christians in this Church Age are being built together a Christ’s  Holy  Temple.  I Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:15-20

Christ by His Holy Spirit dwells in us.   


Christ, previously seen as our wisdom in  chapter 8 is now seen in chapter 9 as furnishing us a feast. This feast is a picture of our redemption.

Solomon’s temple is a picture of the House Wisdom has built.  This is a veiled  picture of Christ’s  Church which He is building today.

The feast is described in Proverbs 9:1 and 5 as including bread and wine. This refers to Communion, also known as The Lord’s Supper which is a  type or picture of Christ’s sacrifice of His body and His blood sacrificed  for our redemption.  

Ephesians describes our salvation as a feast of blessings which commences with our salvation and continues throughout our lives.  Read through Ephesians to begin to grasp the wealth of our salvation. Ephesians 1-3 describes our wealth.  Ephesians 4-5 describes our walk and Ephesians 6 describes our warfare.


The Maidens, referred to in Proverbs 9:3 are a type of the Church. sent out to invite people to the Gospel banquet.  Isn’t it amazing how the unsaved try to avoid those who would invite them to the Gospel banquet?  Somehow the devil has programmed into their thinking that Christian witnesses are trying to rope them and bring them into some sort of religious bondage. I’ll admit that there is religious bondage found and taught in some churches. But Christ’s true Church simply desires to invite people to a Gospel banquet of salvation and freedom from the bondage of sin and religion offered freely to anyone who recognizes and confesses his need of Christ.

Who is invited to the Banquet?  The Simple.   Review the third message in this Proverbs series to identify the Simple.  Basically the Simple include those who recognize their need of Christ and trust Him. 


The invitation is salvation from sin offered to all to come to Jesus. This invitation is found repeatedly in the Gospel of John.   John 6:35, 51-58, 63.7:37-38 and in Revelation22:17.  The invitation is also found in the Old Testament. One example is in Isaiah 55:1-3.

With the Gift of Salvation is the challenge to turn from sin to a new direction. 9:6.   It is evident from Scripture that when one is justified through faith in Christ, sanctification  and spiritual growth follow. Sanctification and growth follow conversion.  I Peter 2:1-3


Some receive the Gospel invitation and are saved.  Others scorn and  reject it and remain lost. 

The Bible is not teaching us that preachers are never to reprove.  On the contrary, Peter reproved in Acts 2 and the Church grew. The Deacon Stephen preached and reproved in Acts 6-7 and was stoned. Paul, moved and convicted through Stephen’s preaching and martyrdom was saved and transformed. Paul teaches preachers in II Timothy 4:2 to reprove and rebuke their congregations in love and honesty.  Jesus reproved Pharisees.

Preachers are told in II Timothy 2:2-3  to reprove, those who  may or may not listen to them.  The Prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 3:4-11 was also commanded  to warn  Israel  to listen to and obey God.   The response of the listeners was not Ezekiel’s responsibility; nor is it the responsibility of preachers in this day. 

As a preacher through  fifty-five years of ministry, I also have experienced the varied responses of listeners from those who loved me and appreciated what I taught them to those who hated me and would have tried to remove me from my pulpit.  Whenever God’s Word is preached, there are no neutral listeners.   People will  love or hate the preaching of God’s Word and they either love or hate the messenger.  Christ-rejecters will hate us and those who love Christ will love us and grow wiser.  That’s the message of Proverbs 9:8-9. 


Wisdom begins with a respectful fear of  offending a Holy God.  Proverbs 9:10 and 1:7

A  knowledge of the Holy comes with study of  God’s Word. Proverbs 9:10

Such knowledge of God may  result in long life.  Proverbs 9:11

God’s wisdom is profitable to our well  being, profit  and a long life.  9:11-12

Reject God and His Word to  your hurt.


In contrast with what Christ offers, what does Satan and his evil workers offer us?   Noise, confusion ignorance, death.  Sounds like the typical  TV and movie fare.

What is her message? That Illicit sex,  smoking and drinking and taking drugs is fun  and brings popularity and good feelingss.  Proverbs  9:17

But it doesn’t tell you the whole message. It tries to hide the fact that sin brings misery, a wasted life and ultimately judgment and death. Proverbs9:18; 2:18-19, 5:22-23, 7:24-27,  Romans6:23   Galatians  6:7-8  Ecclesiastes 11:9

Your choice is to choose Christ and live or  reject Christ and die.

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