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Sexual Purity

Proverbs 5,6, & 7 are three chapters that parents need to read and discuss with their  pre-teens and teens at the appropriate time, which will be different with each child. The following are some facts of life to be read and discussed with them.

 SEX IS ONE OF  GOD’S GOOD GIFTS TO US  Proverbs 5:15-19

God created us sexual beings, male and female with all of our differences, including physical and emotional.  God created Adam first, but when Adam sensed he was not complete, as far as  his physical and emotional needs were concerned,  then  God put Adam to sleep and from a rib in his side, He formed the first woman, Eve, and brought her to Adam and he recognized her as part of himself and that he was not complete without her. This great mystery is beautifully and simply  told in Genesis 1:24-31 and then repeated in more detail in  2:18-25 and is appropriate to read and explain to even your young children as they come to the age where they recognize sexual differences and begin asking questions.

God, not Satan, is the creator of sex and He is the author of marriage with all of its amazing, mysterious intricacies. Remember, Satan created nothing. All he does is to try to destroy everything God has created. All that God creates is good. Therefore marriage and sexual relationships are good and to be enjoyed and climaxed as often as both desire it, according to the Bible.

Read I Corinthians 7:1-5,  The Song of Solomon, and these chapters before us in Proverbs 5,6 and 7.   Marriage is a sacred, life-long covenant in the sight of God between one man and one woman. It should be solemnized in a marriage ceremony with witnesses, as illustrated in the marriage of Boaz and Ruth in the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. For a study of what the Bible teaches about marriage, I encourage you to go to category MARRIAGE  on this web site.

Although marriage and sex are good, Satan is the author of evil. Everything that is good, Satan seeks to pervert and destroy. Satan has been quite effective in destroying God’s creation. Satan, the liar and the author of lies,  has even hated the truth of creation and has invented the lies of evolution in an attempt to deny the very existence of God.

Because marriage is a life-long covenant, Satan seeks to destroy it.  God hates divorce, as you can see in Malachi 2:11-16.   You can read more about divorce and what the Bible says about it by going to DIVORCE on this web site.  

Remember, sex is a normal, pure, holy part of marriage, as Hebrews 13:4 teaches;  but in that same verse God warns that He will judge and punish sexual relationships outside of marriage.



Sexual relationship should never be forced against the will of the mate. It should be mutually desired. Otherwise it is rape. A husband should court his wife throughout each day, every day by the way he shows his  thoughtfulness, love and  respect; not just when they are getting ready to go to bed.

Our sexual relationship as husband and  wife is the best illustration God could use to describe our worship of Christ and our intimate personal relationship with Him,  as taught in  Ephesians 5:22-33

Married couples, as well as singles, are to remain pure.   There is never to be  sexual relationships nor  sexual activity outside the holy bonds of  matrimony.

Although singles are just as sexual as married couples,  God gives singles the gift and the ability to remain sexually pure and devoted to Christ.  Read   I Corinthians 7 for information concerning this.

At the same time,  God states a general fact about men in Genesis 2:18  that it is not good for a man to be alone.  Men, in His time, He will bring His perfect choice of a wife into your life.  In my series on VIRTUOUS WOMEN I share our story with you of how God led me to my wife.


Sexual activity outside of marriage is a powerful temptation both to singles and to married men and women. Proverbs 5,6 and 7 and I Corinthians 7 warn about this powerful temptation.

Men are sexually aroused by gazing on a woman’s body. II Samuel 11 tells the story of how David was tempted and sinned with  Bathsheba, another man’s wife who was bathing on the roof top porch within sight of King David’s palace.  Was she innocent  or was she  trying to attract David’s attention?  We don’t know. We do know, however, that it was an unwise place to take a bath.



Nothing is more beautiful to a man than a  woman’s body. Men can look and enjoy their beauty, as we would beautiful flowers. But there is a fine line between looking and  lusting. Read  Matthew 5:27-28 on this.  Every man knows where that line is.

Because of this temptation, Christian women should dress for the public  in such a way as not to draw undue attention to her breasts nor her thighs. The Bible describes it as  the  “attire of a harlot” in   Proverbs 7:10. Low cut blouses and dresses and tight clothing that reveal every curve and leaves nothing to the imagination is wrong and is unkind to your Christian brothers and insanity to rapists who may be observing you.

Skirts with high slits or short short pants that reveal the thighs are a temptation to men.  Daughters, if it’s questionable, ask dad to check it.  He knows from a man’s perspective and hopefully loves you enough to be honest with you.

The woman who purposely attempts to attract men to her sexually is also guilty in that sin of lust. Not only is she guilty, but she is stupid in that she attract male scum to her.  Any woman can attract men to her by advertising her body by the way she dresses.  Is that really the kind of men you want?



Every normal woman wants to be beautiful and desirable. Girls, the thing that makes you attractive to a  single Christian man is your godly character,

your pleasant personality and the way to take care of yourself physically. Your love for God and your cleanliness and femininity ought to be obvious to others.  You ought to enjoy being a girl. You ought to enjoy dressing and combing and wearing your hair like a girl- Not a boy.  Deuteronomy 22:5 and     I Peter 3:3-4



Parents, I encourage you to read Proverbs 5,6 and 7, as well as the rest of the Bible to your children. Be prepared to discuss and answer questions of your children and teens, as appropriate to their development.  You ought to be the one who gives sex education in steps to your children at the level of their maturity.

These chapters I’ve dealt with in this message are warnings to  us of the deadly, far-reaching consequences of sexual sin.

Don’t disqualify yourself from God’s best for you. I Corinthians 9:26-27

 Run from temptation. I Corinthians6:18as  Joseph did in  Genesis 38:7-12

Determine never –  not even once get involved with pornography in literature,  videos or on the internet.  Ephesians 5:3-8

Will God forgive you if you have already gone  too far?  Yes.  Psalm 51 But this sin leaves permanent scars on you and could limit the future joy and intimacy you could  experience with your husband or wife.

As for David, the man after God’s own heart,  his adultery left permanent scars on himself and  his family for  years to come. I can imagine Solomon blaming his father for the direction he went with his multiplied wives and concubines.  

May God bless and protect you in this very personal and important area of your life!


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