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Teaching Our Children

This study of the first 14 verses of Proverbs 4 is addressed primarily to parents and to all teachers of children.  We are all imperfect parents, and teachers.  Our lives are flawed by sin and its curse.  David and Solomon were not perfect examples, nor are we.   The earlier we seek God, the wiser  and better parents we can be.  Solomon had great wisdom, but his life and influence could have been better if he had not started out early by marrying a heathen Egyptian woman, we learn in I Kings 3:1-12.  This took place before he asked God for wisdom. Perhaps if he had asked for wisdom earlier, he would not have made this and other foolish evil decisions about women.



Isaiah 28:9-10 teaches that when children are weaned they are ready to start being taught the things of God.  Just a little at a time,  “Here a little. There at little.”   Our children were in church sitting with their mother from infancy.  As toddlers they were beginning to absorb truth from God’s Word and beginning to ask questions.  All three came to an understanding of salvation as little children and gladly received Christ as Saviour and Friend.

All three have continued to grow and as parents themselves, they are teaching their children the truths of God’s Word.


Timothy’s mother, Eunice,  and grandmother, Lois, taught Timothy from a  child.          II Timothy 1:5 and  3:14-17  As a pastor, Timothy became a close friend of the Apostle Paul and passed on Biblical truth to others.


Children forget. Proverbs 1:8,  2:1,  3:1, 21




According to Proverbs23:26 we should seek to win the hearts of our children early in life.  If all we accomplish as parents is to force our children to obey us or they will be punished, we haven’t made much headway with them. 

If, on the other hand, we win their hearts and they desire to follow our example, then we have accomplished what force can never accomplish.  Parents, pastors, and  teachers, who model Christ to their children, can count on God for success in raising them.  I realize that there are exceptions to that statement which I cannot answer.  I just thank God for giving us three children who love the Lord with all their hearts and are walking with Him and raising godly children.  God has blessed us in spite of mistakes we made in raising them.


Older Christian young people have the responsibility and opportunity to  model Christ to their younger brothers and sisters and to the younger children in the church.  Those who, by their example, lead younger children astray, will have to answer to God for this evil.

Remember this, pastors and teachers. Our example is far more important than the lessons we attempt to  teach in the classroom and from the pulpit.

Good doctrine humbles us. God knows how much we need  to be broken of  the pride which we inherited from our father, the devil.

Good doctrine magnifies Christ and fosters fellowship with Him. It produces godliness.  I Timothy 6:3

False doctrine issues from proud, empty heads and cold hearts and  breeds sin according to II Timothy 3:1-7.

Doctrine must connect with the mind, but if it doesn’t reach the heart, hands and  feet, it has been in  vain.  Romans 6:4, 8:1, Ephesians 4:1, 5:2,8,15,  I Thessalonians 4:1 and I John 2:6

Let us model Christ for those in our charge. Proverbs 23:26. May others read the Bible as we do. May they pray as we do, love Christ and His Church as we do, give as we give. refrain from gossip and slander as we  do.

May we treat our mate as we desire others to  treat their mates. 

May we drive cars  as we desire our children to drive.

May our grown children show love to their spouse  as we do to ours.

May ours be a heart Christianity;  not legalism.   Proverbs 4:4

Remember, Christ is our wisdom. To be wise I must know Christ. He must be my all in all.  Colossians 2:2-3   I Corinthians 1:30-31



 We teach what is most important in life by the time and attention we give it in our lives.

Nothing is more important in life than wisdom. That’s why I encourage every young person to secure a Christian college education in a college which can be trusted to be faithful to the Bible and to godliness.

One can gain knowledge and work skills from a secular college. However, if one  has the work skills, but lacks wisdom to know how to live, what good are the skills?

I thank God for leading me and the young lady who became my wife to  Christian colleges where we both  learned wisdom for living. I didn’t realize until I got there that if I learned how to live, I could make a living,

We thank God for helping us through the first fifty-six years of marriage. We trust God to strengthen us for whatever lies ahead.

Christ is our ONLY purpose in life.  Philippians1:21  Without Christ as our purpose we have no purpose.  Matthew 16:24-26

Solomon in Ecclesiastes shows all else is vanity.



THE VALUE OF WISDOM  What does it do for us?


It brings us  abundant life  John 10:10, 

It preserves us.   Proverbs 4:6

God promotes us.  Proverbs 4:8

Wisdom is an ornament of grace. Proverbs 4:5-9

 It makes us gracious which comes from being touched by God’s grace.

 It beautifies our character.

 It delivers us in times of trouble. Proverbs 2:10-16

 Wisdom is our crown of glory.  Proverbs 3:21-26,  4:8-9 




I have taught you the life of true freedom. You can run with this and be successful. May you be able to share these parting  words when your children leave home.  Proverbs 4:11-27,



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