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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

#12 Peace With God

I liken our study of Romans to taking a road trip into a majestic mountain,

the mountain of our salvation.

As we come to Romans 5, we come to a rest stop.  It’s time to get out of the car and see from where we’ve come and  then look ahead to where we’re going.

As we look back to the earlier chapters of Romans we’re reminded of the bondage and misery of life before Christ.  We learned that all are sinners facing God’s judgment.  We stand in our sins, both public and secret sins, inexcusable,  and we face the inescapable judgment of God.

We had been aliens, outsiders and strangers to God, spiritually dead and  with no hope.   

It’s in this state God found  us and came to our rescue. We learned in  Romans 3:21 continuing through chapter 4, that God reveals His amazing love and grace in justifying us as we come to Him in faith.  all based on the finished work of Jesus on the cross where He shed His blood for our sins and then rose again bodily and returned to Heaven. 

Now in Romans chapter 5 we learn the wonderful results of God’s act of justification. “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. by whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Paul also writes about this in Ephesians 2:12-16.


The world vainly seeks for peace and offers a psychologically-based  empty peace.  Jeremiah, centuries before Christ,  wrote in Jeremiah 6:14-18 and 8:11-13  about those false prophets who offer this false peace when there is no peace.

There is nothing wrong with counseling if it is Biblically based.  Such counseling lifts up Christ as the only Saviour and the only true source of peace for those with troubled hearts over the consequences of sin.  But don’t waste your time and money sitting under the teaching and counseling of ungodly men and women, Psalm 1:1-2 warns us.


True, lasting peace comes to those who simply trust the shed blood of Christ who shed His blood on  Calvary’s cross for cleansing and forgiveness of sin. Read Philippians 4:6-9  and Colossians 3:15-17.


Not only do we have cleansing, peace and forgiveness of sin from a guilty conscience;  but we experience and enjoy access into the very presence of our Heavenly Father into the grace wherein we stand.   What does that mean?  Those of us who trust Christ as Saviour; not only have peace, but according to Romans 5:2 we  move into a new realm of grace, access to our Heavenly Father.  Ephesians 2:13-22 says more about this.

In Old Testament times Leviticus 16:2 informs us that Israel  and others had no opportunity to know and experience this access to God.   Now that Jesus has risen from the dead and returned back to Heaven in His glorified body; we, by virtue of our relationship with Him through His blood sacrifice, have the opportunity of living in the realm of His grace.  Be blessed as you read in Hebrew 9 and 10 of the access to God that each of us Christians have through the shed blood of Jesus.   This access requires no priest or  any other mediator.

Through this direct access to God we are filled with joy and peace, as Romans 5:3-5 testifies. 


Through faith in the shed blood of Christ, we also rejoice in the hope and blessed assurance of the glory of God and  of our eternal Home in Heaven.  In stark contrast, the lost face death and eternity in Hell.

A promise is only as good as the one who makes it.  God made the promise to us and it is  as sure as already accomplished.


Have you experienced that peace with God, that assurance of Heaven and that freedom in Christ from the bondage of dead religion?  If so what should your response be? 

For the answer to that question, read the story of the freed slave in Exodus 21:1-6 who was so grateful to his master that he went through a procedure of having a hole bored in his ear lobe as a sign that he was fully devoted to his master for the rest of his life; so every Christian who has experienced salvation from the penalty and power or sin, ought to make that same commitment to Christ to love and serve Him willingly forever.

Freedom in Christ is not an opportunity to live your life as you desire, giving in to the temptations of sin and living as though you were independent from God.  Rather, freedom  in Christ gives you and me the opportunity to surrender our lives to the control of the indwelling Holy Spirit,  allowing Him to direct us and use us as He sees fit for the rest of our lives.  Read the 5th chapter of Galatians concerning this new life and make that surrender today.




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