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Don’t Follow Crowd

In our first study in Proverbs we concluded with these four basic truths concerning wisdom.

 1. Wisdom is found in knowing and  being properly related to Christ through faith in His death and resurrection for our sins. Colossians 2:3, 8-10,  I Corinthians 1:30-31

2. Wisdom begins with a reverential fear of the Lord.  One who has no fear of God has not even begun to be wise.  Proverbs 1:7

3. God invites us to ask for wisdom as we sense our need.  He will give it to us.  James 5:1-8

4. If we’re serious about seeking wisdom, we find it by reading and searching the Scriptures.  Proverbs 2:1-5


Children gain wisdom by listening to and obeying their parents until they are old enough to be on their own and responsible for their own life, including their financial responsibilities.  That’s the teaching of Proverbs 1:8-9.  and it  involves:

1. Instant, willing,  obedience with a cheerful attitude.

2.  Following Scriptural principles you were taught  through childhood and faithfully living by them throughout your life.  Proverbs 1:8 particularly warns us to  not forsake those principles just because we have left home and are now on our own.

Of course, wise parents are going to prepare their children for independence by gradually turning  responsibility over to them as they prove by their actions and attitudes that they are able to handle such freedom and responsibility.



Proverbs 1:10-19 warns about the temptation to follow wicked gangs, the worldy crowd, the popular trends: in short, the sinful world system under the domination of Satan.  I John 2:15-17

This system today,  known as Liberalism,  Socialism or Progressivism, which is kin to Communism,  has been growing in popularity in America since the 1930’s. America is presently at the crossroads of continuing in this disastrous direction or returning to the self reliance and freedom  of our Founding Fathers and Constitutional government.

Socialism looks to government rather than to God to meet every need of families from the cradle to the grave. Note the difference between Socialism and the Biblical doctrine of personal salvation and its self-sacrificing love as illustrated in the early church in Acts 2:44.  Note how the Christians helped one another sacrificially as they gave money voluntarily through hearts filled with love for one another.

Socialism with its Social Gospel is the product of religious Liberalism which deifies man and dethrones and ignores the God of the Bible.  That’s why over the past half century the Bible and prayer have been expelled from the  public schools and from the public universities.   That’s why I received  my education in Christian schools, including a strong Christian University.  That’s why my wife and I sacrificed to see to it that our children received a Christian education, including a Christian college.



1. Seeking God’s wisdom from His Word, the Bible, leads to a long, happy fruitful life.  Exodus 20:12,  Ephesians 6:1-3.  There are exceptions to that as some godly young people die prematurely.  It is never our responsibility to judge such young people nor their parents who trained them.

2. Proverbs 1:9 teaches us that living submissive, cheerful lives under our parents and being careful to not forsake God’s Word literally beautifies us. On the other hand, there is nothing uglier than the appearance and the personality of a rebellious young person who has turned from the godly instruction of his parents.  Young person, beware of getting yoked in marriage with such a rebel.  Such a life is going to end in tragedy, as we are warned in Proverbs 1:24-32.

On the other hand, if you seek to know Christ and be surrendered to Him as your Lord, you will be beautified and if you marry, it will be to a godly spouse.  Such a marriage will bring God’s protection and lead to a lifetime of happiness and joy and success to  you and your family.



1. Avoid evil companions; that is,  anyone who attempts to draw you away from God and His Word, the Bible.  Proverbs 1:15

2. Don’t even take one step, not even one computer click, down their path.  Proverbs 1:15-16

3. If you are tempted, consent not. Proverbs1:10  Learn to say NO to Satan. Many young people are so driven by the desire to be popular that they cannot say no to such temptation.

Learn to stand like Joseph in Genesis 39 who, when propositioned by an evil woman, ran from her.  Yes, his courage and purity caused him to be jailed for a time; but eventually truth won out and Joseph rose to second in command under Pharaoh in Egypt.  In fact, if he had not been imprisoned he would not have met the right contacts to bring him into the Pharoah’s favor.

Dare to be like Daniel who because of his courage and love for God, had the opportunity to influence King Nebuchadnezzar for God in Babylon. Eighty years later after Persia had conquered Babylon,  Daniel, now an old man, continued to influence Kind Darius of Persia.

Because of his stand for God, he   ended up in a lion’s den.  That turned ut to be just a brief, comfortable overnight stay sleeping on a lion’s mane.  God protected him  and eventually he became second in command in  Persia.

Christian young person, don’t be a weak cowardly follower of the sinful crowd, fearing loss of popularity.   God help you to always walk closely  to Him.  Spend much time in His Word.  He will give you the courage to do right  and you will be surprised to see what God can do with a life surrendered fully to Him.

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