Hidden Treasures

The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

Expository Preaching

I wish I had another  fifty years or more to continue studying and preaching God’s Word. But now at 78, I know my time on earth is limited.   I first learned the joy and value of preaching book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse through the Bible back in 1963. Through the years it has grown increasingly more exciting as in my search for God’s truth I have unearthed truths for which I was not even seeking.  It’s been amazing how God has led me to deal with pertinent truths just when they were needed. 

Most of the articles in HIDDEN TREASURE  have come from my expository preaching. Expository preaching is not simply parroting a Bible commentary. It is more than simply explaining the meaning of verses.  Of course, it includes that; but an expository message comes as a preacher prayerfully seeks first the meaning of the verses to be covered. The passage being studied must be seen in its context and in its relationship to the whole Bible.  Most importantly, the preacher must study the passage until he sees the message God has for his church in that passage.  There must be a practical application of the passage to his own life first  and then to his congregation.  By the time he is  ready to face his congregation he ought to be so filled with the message God has given him that he is thrilled and anxious to deliver it.

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