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Heart-felt Preaching

If you teach or preach or sing or play a musical instrument in church, this article is especially for you. If we are to be a blessing to others, we must minister to the heart. The heart of a person includes his intellect, his emotions and his will; the very innermost part of a person’s being.

If we only reach the intellect, but never reach the emotions and the will; our ministry has fallen short. If it only reaches the emotions, but has no connection with the intellect and the will, again it falls short. Heart-felt teaching, preaching and music reaches the intellect, the emotions and influences and moves the will to obey God.

Consider Christian music.

There is nothing sinful about rhythm and beat. But Christian music must reach deeper than simply moving the emotions and the body. The problem with much Christian music today is that the beat is so pronounced that it overwhelms the emotions and the body and drowns out the intellect. Furthermore, much of this music has a shallow non-Biblical message. If that is the case, the music has failed to reach the heart and will not move the will to obey God.

Or Christian music can go in the opposite direction. It can be so intellectual and that it passes over the average person and again it fails to reach the heart. Whether music is old or contemporary has nothing to do with the issue.

The same goes for preaching.

It can go to one of two extremes. It can be so emotional that there is no intellectual connection and fails to move the will to obey God. Or it can be so intellectual that it can leave the listener cold and unmoved. A walking Christian encyclopedia is not necessarily a spiritual Christian.

Reaching the heart is so important as we preach, teach and minister in music that we are instructed in Ephesians 5:18-19 to be filled with the Spirit constantly. Only a Spirit filled Christian can bless others with his preaching, teaching and music.

May 11, 2011 - Posted by | Preaching

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