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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

The Rare Exception

In my previous message I dealt with the lure of Babylon and how it held captive many of the Jews in Babylon; even when they had been given permission by Cyrus of Persia to freely return from their seventy years of captivity to their homeland of Israel to rebuild Jerusalem.  In the two returns under Cyrus and Artaxerxes, only about 55,000 returned to Jerusalem.  The great majority of Jews chose to settle in Babylon as their home.  

Revelation 17-18 speaks about how Mystery Babylon; the present false religious, and crumbling economic, political, Satan-dominated world system in which we  live,  will be destroyed when Christ returns to this earth to reign.  Presently men, under the rule of Satan, are ruining and contaminating God’s beautiful creation and their minds and hearts are being polluted by an ever-growing stream of immoral pollution from the deepening darkness of Mystery Babylon.

Satan does not need to deal with any of us personally to accomplish his purposes for us.   He has all the tools he needs through our sinful flesh nature described in Romans 7 and through the cosmos or world system of which he is in control.  


II Corinthians 4:3-4 teaches us that Satan, the god of this present cosmos or world-system, blinds the minds of the lost to the glorious Gospel of Christ.  Sadly many Christians  today continue to be at home in this cosmos, that is, the world system; fascinated and enamored by its sinful culture and under the domination of Satan, the god of this cosmos. 

In  I John 2:15-17 Christians are  commanded to love not this evil world system with all it sinful attractions that draw us away from finding our satisfaction in God Himself. 

Galatians 1:3-4 teaches us that although Satan is the god of this cosmos, that is, this  present evil world system in which we live,  Christ died and rose again from the dead; not only to save us from eternal hell, but to save us now from the destructive influence and power of this present evil world.

Understand, that anyone who rejects Jesus as Saviour and Lord; by default,  continues to be enslaved by Satan who is his king, even though he is deceiving himself into thinking he is free to run his own life. 

The infatuation of Christians with this world system concerned The Lord Jesus  and it was His concern in His final prayer with His disciples the night before He went to the cross. That prayer, recorded in John 17, shows Jesus’ concern for you and me.  I encourage you to read that prayer and consider your own relationship with and attraction to this world system. 




Not everyone who chose to stay in Babylon were compromisers and unfaithful to God.   There were at least four and perhaps others who stood true to God, surrounded by Satan’s crowd.  The four I’m thinking of are Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach and  Abednego, with whose stories you are, no doubt, familiar.  I wrote about them earlier in this Ezra series.    The lure of Babylon held absolutely no attraction for them.  These were men of God who stood true to Him.  Their testimonies influenced Babylonian and Persian Emperors to know and surrender to God.

What was Daniel’s secret of faithfulness to God? It’s found in  Daniel 1:8. As a young man, no doubt, a teenager, “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself.”  With that purpose of heart, Daniel made right choices and before long he was counseling  Babylonian emperors  and sixty years later, Persian emperors.


God has His individual plan for every Christian young person.  Most are not spiritually mature enough to sit under godless, secularist professors  A few can, no doubt, come through unscathed spiritually. But most will be spiritually harmed.   

Personally for our own two sons and daughter, we chose a Christian education from elementary through college. I personally  enjoyed the privilege of Christian education from fifth grade through college.  Yes, I helped work my way and paid my own expenses through a Christian  high school and a Christian college; though God provided financial help in amazing ways.

I have a cousin who trained for the ministry in a liberal seminary.  He almost made spiritual shipwreck of his life; but by God’s grace, he recovered and God gave him a fruitful ministry.

Here are some verses you need to read and think on as you determine what education is best for you and for your children.  

Psalm 1:1-6,   11:3;  101:3, 

Psalm 119:37, 97-105, 113, 127-128, 

Proverbs 1,2,3,4, 13:20, 19:27. In fact, read the entire book of  Proverbs, 

Jeremiah 10:2

Rom. 16:19

II Timothy 2:15-16

I John 2:15-17 

So what kind of education is best for you?  Only you can determine that answer as you seek the Lord with all you heart.  I would caution you that if in your heart you entertain a little love for this sin-contaminated world system you are not ready to seek an education from it. If you insist, you will probably crash and destroy your  future.  I would encourage you to seek a sound Biblical Christian college and  give yourself at least one year and see where it goes from there.  As a bonus, you may very well meet your life mate in that college.

My wife and I met going to two different Christian colleges. I was a student at Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C. and she was a student at Columbia Bible College in Columbia, S.C. 100 miles away.  You can read that story under the Category Virtuous Woman. Our two sons and our daughter each met their godly spouses while attending Bob Jones University.



One simple test is to check the science department.  If they teach theistic evolution, run from it!  Theistic evolution says that God created the world, but He did it through evolution.



That’s the question.  If your heart and love is in the world system which “lieth in wickedness” or lieth under the control of Satan, according to I John 5:19, then you need to “flee or come out of that wicked system” according to Revelation 18:4.  Read again  Revelation chapters 17 and 18 to learn of the end of Mystery Babylon when Christ returns to this earth.

On the other hand, if your heart is hidden in Christ and you are built up in The Faith, and His will is everything to you;  God may place you right into the midst of the filth and corruption of Babylon to enable you to rescue the perishing in this corrupt world system, according to Jude  20-25   



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