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Satanic Hindrance

Under the sovereignty of  God,  Cyrus, emperor of Persia,  gave permission for Judah  to return to their homeland from seventy years of Babylonian captivity and rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

No sooner did they begin  working on the temple by laying the foundations, when Satan, the chief adversary of God and His children, struck again by  hindering the work of progress on God’s temple.  We know they were adversaries for Ezra 4:1 identifies them as adversaries.



The adversaries opposed God’s work by appearing  as friends of God’s people by offering to help them with the building project.  The temptation to accept their help was strong, for there was much to do and they needed all the help they could get.



Zerubbabel,  with spiritual discernment, replied to them, “You have nothing to do with us to build a house unto our God, but we together will build  unto the Lord God of Israel.”   Most Christians today would judge a modern  Ezra as being harsh, negative, judgmental and unnecessarily divisive for rejecting such help for a Christian cause.   They would think, “Doesn’t he realize how unloving he was for rejecting their help?  That if he had permitted the enemy to help with the work,  that he would have greater opportunity to eventually lead them to Christ?”



Whenever God blesses His people, Satan is always there to oppose and destroy.  Whenever there are choices to be made, Satan is right there to influence us to make the wrong choice.   Peter warns in I Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant. Because your adversary the devil prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”



II John 7-11 gives the ultimate test for recognizing false teachers.   One who is wrong on the doctrine of Christ, cannot be trusted in any other doctrinal area.  What is the doctrine of Christ?  It includes Jesus’ coming to this earth as a human baby, born of a virgin, His sacrificial blood atonement for our sins as He died on the cross and His bodily resurrection. The summary of the doctrine of Christ is that Jesus is God! He is the second person of the Godhead. He is the Jehovah, the I AM of the Old Testament. He is the Angel of the LORD throughour the Old Testament. For example, He is the angel who wrestled with Jacob at the brook Jabbok.  He is the creative Word of God of John 1:1-12 who in the beginning, created the Heavens and the earth. The same passage tells us that this Creator God came to us in human flesh as Jesus of Nazereth who died for our sins and rose again the third day, proving He was God.

One can be wrong about other matters and still be a Christian; however, one who is wrong on the deity of Jesus is not a Christian.

Note that II John 10-11 teaches us that if we yoke together with them in Christian causes, including evangelistic efforts, or encourage them in their religious causes, that we are partakers with them of their sin.



The story of the prophet Balaam is found in Numbers 22-23  and 31:16. Basically, Balaam preached the truth; however, he used his influence to lead Israel into fellowship and intermarriage with the heathen.  We also learn that his goal was popularity and “success” in the eyes of the world  and more money.   In the New Testament we learn of the WAY of Balaam in II Peter 2:15.   In Jude 11 we learn that the way of Balaam eventually became known as the ERROR of Balaam.  Then in Revelation 2:13-14 we learn that Balaam’s error has become the DOCTRINE of Balaam.  Christ clearly announces here that he hates the doctrine of Balaam. That doctrine is  compromising the Truth for popularity and financial success.



Paul warned in II Timothy 3:1-8 that in the last days before Christ’s return that perilous, dangerous days would come  as the truth was adulterated and confused.   One of the best books I have found  dealing with the dangers in churches today is  John MacArthur’s 2010 edition of his book Ashamed of the Gospel.    Christians need to be aware in choosing a church. Young people headed for college need to be aware of the college they choose.  Not all colleges that call themselves Christian are faithful to God’s Word.

I encourage you to go to my series on SEPARATION on this HIDDEN TREASURES web site.  Follow through that series as I explain the terms, Liberalism, Fundamentalism,  Neo Orthodoxy and New Evangelicalism, which is simply Liberalized Evangelicalism.  Check out the following web site by Dr. Jay Grimstead for clarification of issues regarding Neo Orthodoxy vs the Biblical position.



Returning to Ezra 4 we learn that when Zerubbabel refused help from the enemies of God,  they changed their tactics and  began actively opposing the work with legal tactics and continual harassing  That opposition wore on  year after year for about  100 years from the time of Cyrus in 538- 529 BC  to the time of Darius  423- 405 BC.  Imagine!  All these years of opposition simply because they stood uncompromisingly for the Truth!

Where do you stand? I challenge you to study these issues.  Your future success in the eyes of God rests on it.


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