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Art and Music Defined

As a piano player and a lover of a wide variety of music all my life including: classical and semi-classical music, hymns, operas and oratorios written over the past four hundred years,  Gospel songs, negro spirituals, orchestral music, band marches and  easy-listening; I’ve done a lot of thinking about music in recent years.  Recently I awoke one morning with the following definition of art and music brewing in my mind.

As the natural beauty and grandeur of creation  is the expression and work of God and His gift to mankind to bring glory to Himself and to enrich, and ennoble and bring enjoyment through our eyes to our souls;  so  music can bring glory to God and enrich and ennoble and bring enjoyment through our ears to our souls.

Christian music includes scripturally-based lyrics (but not necessarily in the language of Scripture itself) that are well married and well fitted to  an infinite variety of  pleasurable, memorable and well-organized patterns of melodies that spring from Holy Spirit filled hearts, according to Ephesians 5:18-19 and Colossians 3:18; melodies enriched with beautifying harmonies and carried along with various rhythms that ennoble and bring us enjoyment and edification.

I believe that all so-called Christian music that fails to measure up to this standard or that is sung or performed by those whose hearts are not right with God;  is mere dissonance, ugliness and irritating noise, as God hears it according to  Amos 5:23. and not worthy to be called music, much less, Christian music.


December 11, 2010 - Posted by | MUSIC

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