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Crucifixion of Christ

If you will go to the category Jesus, you will find a medical doctor’s description of Jesus’ crucifixion.  This article will not be a repeat of that description; rather some thoughts from the Biblical account of His crucifixion.


What amazing grace and infinite loving condescension of God to pour out His wrath on His own beloved Son in order to pay the penalty of our sins. What is God’s love?  How is it shown to us?  Here it is according to Romans 5:8.  God shows His love to us by sending His Son to die, thus paying the  price of eternal damnation in Hell for all repentant sinners who would trust Him.   The infinite Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, paid the price of sin, eternity in Hell for the entire human race since Adam to this present time;  and He accomplished it in six hours on the cross.  His six hours on the cross is equivalent to eternity in Hell for all mankind!!!

Read Psalm 22 for a detailed prophecy of Jesus sufferings and death on the cross written a thousand years before it happened. Note the details of Jesus’ sufferings and some of the words that He uttered on the cross.



Pilate had the sign written,  JESUS OF NAZERETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS.   It was written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin so all the known world would know who it was on that middle cross.  Pilate was convinced that it was true and he was convinced that Jesus was innocent of any crime worthy of  execution. He repeated that at least three or four times. 

Yet, to save his position as the Roman Procurator of Palestine, he gave in to the insistent demands of the Jewish leaders that Jesus be crucified. It made Pilate furious.  To get back at the Jews He had this sign made to fasten to the top of Jesus’ cross.

When the Jews saw it, they were furious.  They demanded of Pilate that he change the sign to read that it was Jesus’ claim to be King of the Jews. Pilate had given in to the Jews as far as he would go.  With his teeth gritted in determination and anger, he announced to the Jews, WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN, I HAVE WRITTEN. (Like it or lump it!!!)  So the sign stayed as it was and was nailed to the top of the cross so all could read it.



Before they began, the soldiers offered Jesus a drink of  vinegar and bitter gall as a sedative to make it a little easier for Him.  Jesus tasted it and spit it out.  He wanted nothing to dull or ease the suffering He was enduring for our sins.

A quaternion of four Roman soldiers, who were calloused to suffering and death and who were adept at the job, quickly nailed Jesus to the cross with spikes in his wrists (which is considered part of the hands)  and a spike through his two feet placed one on top of the other. These were large iron spikes perhaps 8-12 inches long.

The two thieves were nailed to crosses on either side of Jesus.  Then the soldiers sat down to watch him die.  It was then that they heard Jesus pray for them,  “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

As was the custom of the soldiers, they divided his clothing among them: His outer cloak, His sandals,  His head piece  and his sash or belt.  When it came to His beautiful seamless robe some loving person had made for Him, the soldiers decided to cast lots for it rather than cutting it into four parts. In so doing they were unknowingly fulfilling the prophecy in Psalm 22:18. 


With all His clothes taken by the soldiers, Jesus was left naked on the cross.  If any clothes at all, it would be only a loin cloth.  Hanging there, the crowds stared at Him.

That brings my thought back to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived together in nakedness and unashamed.   After they sinned by eating of the forbidden fruit tree in the midst of the Garden, they became aware of their nakedness and sowed fig leaves together to cover their nakedness.

You can read the story in Genesis 3.  God found them attempting to hide from Him.  After confronting them with their sins, God killed animals, probably sheep, shedding innocent blood as a covering for their sins. Thus began the Old Testament shedding of blood for sin and it continued for 4000 years.  After the animals were slain, God took the skins and fashioned clothing to cover their nakedness.

God’s Word reveals the sinful nakedness of our hearts. But God went further than that.  In the fullness of time, He sent His Son, the Lord Jesus, to die on a cross in nakedness and shame and pay for our sins with His shed blood.  Then He took Christ’s righteousness and clothed us in it.  Today, all those whose trust is in Christ, stand covered in the robes of Christ’s righteousness.

One day sinners will stand before the Great White Throne Judgment of Christ, described in Revelation 21.  Naked in their sins, they will be cast into the eternal Lake of Fire.  Why?  Because they refused to accept by faith the robes of Christ’s righteousness.

For any sinner to attempt to refuse to trust in God’s righteousness, is  to stand  clothed in the fig leaves of  our own miserable self- righteousness, which according to Isaiah 64:6 are as filthy, stinking rags in God’s nostrils.



As the crowds who had joyfully welcomed their King into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday; so now, led by the priests and the Sanhedrin who hated Jesus, they blasphemed God the Son as He hung on the cross, sneering at Him and wagging their heads back and forth in mockery.  Jesus was a big joke to them.  This was a comedy as far as they were concerned.



As we read this heart rending account of Jesus’ crucifixion, we have to be impressed with the patience and longsuffering of God as He watched them mistreat His beloved Son.

The martyred souls in Heaven cry out for vengeance and vindication, as we read in Revelation 6:9-11.   

We must  patiently endure whatever the world wants to dish out to us as Christians.   II Peter 3:9-11 speaks of the patience and long-suffering of God in this present age.   One day He will return and avenge His own and put down all rebellion by force.



Jesus was cursed by His Heavenly Father for our sins.  Paul wrote in Galatians 3:13 that Jesus was made a curse for us as He hung on the cross.

Those who reject His Son as Saviour will one day feel the wrath of God’s curse on them in Hell.  Will you receive the love of God by receiving His Son as your Saviour.  Again,  I remind you that Romans 5:8 shows us that this is the way God shows His love to us, by sending His Son, the Lord Jesus, to die in our place on the cross.  Have you received Him as your Saviour?  Will you do it right now?  Read John 1:12 and make your decision.  Receive Him or reject Him.  There are no other options.

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