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Marred Beyond Description

Though you and I have not yet seen Jesus in His glorified body, there is no question in my mind  that His beautiful, holy character shines through His eyes and countenance.  I have enjoyed  His spiritual presence throughout my life on earth and I long to be with Him in His physical presence throughout eternity.  I long to reflect that beauty through my own personality as I continue to spend time in His presence.

However, the night Jesus was arrested and put on trial before a kangaroo court from midnight until about 9 AM;  He was punched and slapped and spit upon and had His beard pulled out.  Then He was mercilessly flogged by Roman soldiers almost to the point of death.

Isaiah in Isaiah 52:14 prophesied that  He “would be marred more than any man.”  Anyone of us would have  been absolutely shocked to have looked on His face that morning.   In Isaiah 53:1-2  the prophet states that “there was no beauty that we should desire Him.”  Personally, I believe that throughout His short life on this earth as a young man, that though His character was absolutely beautiful; there was nothing particularly attractive about His physical features. 

That night when He was arrested, He was taken before the Sanhedrin for His mock trial.  There they blindfolded Him and punched Him in the face and slapped Him repeatedly and then mocked Him by asking Him to prophesy which of them hit Him.

In the morning He was taken before Pilate for trial.  Pilate examined Him and found Him innocent of any charges they had made.  Then He was rushed off to Herod, who also found Him innocent;  then back to Pilate for further questioning and sentencing.   Pilate continued to find Jesus innocent of any charges worthy of execution.  Pilate wanted to free Him, but feared the people and feared being reported to Caesar and being removed as governor of Palestine.

Therefore, though he did not want to do so, He ordered Jesus to be flogged by the Roman soldiers to satisfy the fury of His accusers. Repeatedly they swung their flagrums of short sticks with long leather thongs with pieces of broken bones and lead balls tied to the end of each thong skillfully into His back ripping the skin off His body and no doubt, exposing some of His internal organs.  By the time this was over He had lost much blood and was almost to the point of death.

Pilate hoped that perhaps a severe flogging would satiate the appetite of His accusers who were clamouring for His  crucifixion; but to no avail. 

The Romans soldiers saw this as a comedy. As a big joke. After being flogged by the Roman soldiers, they formed a crown of thorns and pushed it into His scalp and put a reed in His hand and clothed Him in a royal robe, mocking Him as King of the Jews. Then taking the reed from His hands, they smote Him on the head with it, pushing the thorns deeper into His scalp. 

By the time they were finished with Him His appearance was grotesque. Blackened eyes, bruised and skin torn from His body, His appearance was beyond description. His face of love and compassion that attracted little children was so disfigured that adults as well as little children would have recoiled in horror to see Him now.

Earlier, Pilate after his conversation with Him had brought Him out to the people and had announced  Him,  “Behold the Man!”   I believe Pilate, as well as Pilate’s wife, were deeply impressed by the virtue and strength of character of this righteous man.

After the flogging, He took Him once more into His Judgment Hall and questioned Him and again was convinced of His innocence.  This time as he brought Him out to the people, He announced to the Jews, “Behold your King!”

In the articles to come we will follow Him as He carried His cross to Calvary and then watch Him die as the Lamb of God slain for our sins.

Dear friend,  He endured this agonizing death to pay for the sins of the whole world.  Have you put your trust in Him, as the One who paid the full penalty for all your sins?  Have you received Him as your sin bearer?  Have you by faith received His righteousness which is imputed to all who trust Him?

Listen to the Prophet Isaiah in Isa. 53.  “He was wounded for our transgressions.  He was bruised for our iniquities…. All we like sheep have gone astray. The Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”  

Look on this Saviour, beaten to a pulp, grotesque and ugly to look upon. Trust Him as your Saviour and He will become the most beautiful Person you have ever known. You will love Him and bow to Him as your Saviour and Lord.  If His death means nothing to you, I fear for your eternal destiny. To reject Him as Saviour now is to one day face Him as your judge and be condemned to eternal Hell.


April 20, 2010 - Posted by | Passion Week

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