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Calvary Road

After Jesus’ mock trial in which the religious leaders had brought Him before Pilate to be judged and executed and Pilate had found Him innocent of any  charges requiring execution;  Pilate, to satisfy the Jews and  to try to protect his position as the Roman Procurator of Palestine, turned Jesus over  to the Roman soldiers for execution.

Luke 23:26 says, “They led Him away.”  The question before us in this message is WHO led Him away?



First and foremost, God the Father led His Son, the Lord Jesus, up  Calvary Road to be tortured and executed on a cross as the only suitable, perfect sacrifice for our sins.  Nothing less than the blood of the sinless, holy Son of God would suffice.

According to Revelation 13:8 God determined from before the foundation of the world that He would send His Son, Jesus,  into the world to live among men and then be crucified, shedding His innocent blood as the only atonement for the sins of mankind.

Isaiah 53:4 and 10 makes it clear that it was God Himself who led His beloved Son Jesus up that Calvary Road to be tortured and executed on a Roman cross for our sins. 


This event did not catch God by surprise nor unprepared. It resulted in His ultimate glory according to Philippians 2:1-11  and Revelation 5:11-14.

So none of this has been a bad dream or God’s plans gone awry.  It was all according to His sovereign plans.

Simeon, the elderly man who held the baby Jesus in his arms in the temple prophesied of  His future sufferings for sin, we read in Luke 2:21-35.

Jesus had warned His disciples throughout His ministry of His coming trial and crucifixion.  Follow these prophesies of Christ in Luke 9:22-24, 12:50,  13:34-35,  17:22-25, 18:31-34 and 19:14.  Note the details that are prophesied concerning Jesus’ arrest, including: being scourged, spit upon, crucified and raised from the dead.  Warned repeatedly by Jesus, His disciples never quite understood.  It was beyond their imaginations and, no doubt, they just didn’t want to think of such a horrid thing, so they just shut it out of their minds.

In the final moments of Jesus life as He traveled up the Calvary Road, we meet some people, who for better or for worse,  help us better understand God’s purpose in all this seeming tragedy.    

But we do not see His disciples.  They have scattered in fear and dismay, as prophesied in Zechariah 13:7.  The Apostle John will reappear at the cross with Mary, the mother of Jesus in the final moments of Jesus’ life.  But the rest of His disciples are gone or are watching from a safe distance.



Humanly speaking, they are behind the arrest and execution of Jesus.  True, we are all guilty. It was our sins that sent Jesus to the cross.  However, the chief priests and the Sanhedrin, (the Jewish court system), with the help of  the traitor, Judas Iscariot, were the arch villains responsible for plotting Jesus’ death.



Pilate, according to John 19:10-11,  vainly thought that he had Jesus life and future in his hands when in reality, Jesus was in His Father’s hands.  Both Pilate and his wife were convinced that Jesus was innocent. However he sold out Jesus to keep his political position in Palestine.



This wicked king also found no guilt in Jesus according to Luke 23:7-16.



Barabbas, the insurrectionist and murderer lay in a cell awaiting crucifixion that day.  The amazing fact, found in Matthew 27:15-26,  is that when Pilate gave the Jews a choice as to who should be released, they with one accord chose Barabbas and cried for Jesus to be crucified.



In this, Barabbas is the proto-type of every sinner.  He who deserved to die that day, was freed as Jesus took His place dying on the cross on which Barabbas should have hung.   Can you imagine the amazement and gratitude Barabbas had for Jesus as He understood that Jesus had taken His place?  That’s exactly what salvation is all about:  Jesus taking my place and dying for my sins. See it prophesied in Isaiah 53:5-6 and explained so well in II Corinthians 5:21.  



Get this please and never forget it!  Salvation is all about Jesus, my substitute, taking the hell that I deserved.  It has absolutely nothing to do with me being saved through my self efforts.  When you grasp this simple, but profound truth, and receive Jesus as your substitute you will pass from death to life.  Your future will no longer be Hell, but Heaven!!!  God help you to understand this and receive it by faith.  You’ll never be the same!



The crowd shouted and roared for His crucifixion and took part in the procession that led Jesus to Calvary.  Yes, it was the same crowd that less than a week earlier had shouted “Hosanna” to Jesus, lauding Him as their Messiah and King.

How easily mindless crowds, can be swayed and turned from honoring and praising one,  into hateful mobs who cry for that one’s death.  I challenge and encourage you, especially young people, who so desire the approval of the crowd.  Don’t follow the crowd. The crowd is always wrong. Like mindless zombies, the crowds roared for Jesus’ crucifixion.  Will you stand against the crowd and this day stand with Jesus your Saviour and Lord, who went through the agony of Calvary for your salvation?



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