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If The World Were a City

In his book Good News for Great Days,

Dr. Hawkins gives some very interesting



He asks us to imagine the whole earth’s

population reduced to 1000 people, all

residing in one city. 


Viewed in this way, our blessedness

stands in stark contrast to the majority in the world.


Out of the 1,000 people, only 46 would be Americans. 

The other 954 would represent the rest of the world.


Although they are such a small segment, 50% of all

the city’s income would be received by the 46.


Those 46 people would have an average life expectancy

of 75 years.  The rest would live to be about 40 years old.


The 46 representing Americans would eat 70% more than

their daily food requirement, but 80% of the 954 others would

NEVER get a balanced meal.


“As a matter of fact,” says Dr. Hawkins, “the kitchen [garbage]

disposals of the 46 people would eat better than 80 % of the

city” (p. 214). 


How we ought to thank our God!  How we ought to pray

for our nation!  How generous we ought to be toward

those who have so little!



October 1, 2009 - Posted by | Thanksgiving

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