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Timothy, Paul’s Son in the Faith

Preaching God’s Word is important, but preaching itself doesn’t help us live by God’s holy standards. The Christian life must be modeled by the preacher, the Sunday School teacher, the Bible class leader, the parent; or the teaching is worthless.  It’s less than worthless.  It’s damning!


We’ve already read and discussed in Philippians some very high standards by which to live: live humbly, without complaining, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, have the mind of Christ, look out, not just for yourself, but for the good of others, no grumbling nor complaining.


All of us find it easier to  follow examples, than to simply follow precepts from God’s Word.


Christ was  the perfect, sinless example; but most of us, realizing He was sinless, look elsewhere for our example.  After all, who can follow the example of the sinless Son of God?


That’s why we look elsewhere for our example: to our parents, an older brother or sister, our Sunday School teacher, our preacher or someone else.


We look to redeemed sinners who live in this sinful world and who possess sinful natures. just as we do;  but who live victoriously to show us it can  be done.  One who cannot provide the example to others, has no business attempting to teach others;  until he has gotten right with God and taken some time out from teaching or preaching to prove that his repentance is genuine.


In some cases the damage of our sin can be so extensive that God may have to remove us from the position of influence we once had to a position of lesser influence.  God still loves us and will use us if we are broken and surrendered to Him.


Timothy was a young man from the Lystra/Derbe area of Galatia who had a Greek father and a Jewish mother, Eunice, and grandmother, Lois.  The mother and grandmother had led him to Christ and were godly influences in his life.


When Paul first met Timothy, he was impressed with his genuine testimony and Christian character and took on the responsibility of mentoring him for the ministry.  Timothy made himself available for Paul as a faithful, trustworthy servant.  When Paul was imprisoned in Rome for the Gospel, he would have returned to the church of Philippi, but could not; so sent Timothy in his place.




1. He was a kindred spirit to Paul.  He thought as Paul thought.  He evaluated situations as Paul.  His heart beat as Paul’s for the same burdens and concerns.   Though Paul had a good number of friends, he said in Philippians 2:20  that he had no one like Timothy.  A preacher is rich if at the end of his life he has even one protégé who thinks as he thinks and has the same values as he has and has the same heart beat for the ministry as he has.


2. As Paul, Timothy had the same genuine concerns for the Church of Philippi.


3. As Paul, Timothy was single-minded to the interests of Christ.  He did not, as many preachers, dabble in a number of other business interests and time and money consuming hobbies.  He said in Corinth as he could have said in any city, “I determined not to know anything among you, except Jesus and Him crucified.” 


4. In II Tim. 2:20 Paul wrote that Timothy was a proven servant.  He had passed tests throughout his life. See the need for such  testing in I Timothy 3:6, 10.


5. As Paul, Timothy lived a sacrificial life.  There is no evidence he ever married and had children or owned a home or any possessions.  He seemed to have no agenda of his own, but was always available to Paul and was willing to make any sacrifice for him, even when Paul was imprisoned.  In fact, from Hebrews 13:22-23 it appears that Timothy was also imprisoned for the Gospel.



Timothy was human and imperfect. He, no doubt,  had the same struggles to stay pure that all of us have, especially in our youth.  That’s why Paul warned him in his last Epistle written before he was executed in II Timothy 2:20-26  to stay strong in his fight against these temptations.

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