Hidden Treasures

The Bible is much more than a book of religion.


In this message I want to pause in our detailed study of the Olivet Discourse to think about something as basic as Truth.


TRUTH   John 14:6

Christ  is the Way to God personified.  There is no other way.

He is the Truth of God personified. There is no truth apart from Him.

He is Life personified.  There is no life apart from Him; only mere existence.


Any philosophy or theory contrary to the Bible is false.

Anyone without Christ, regardless of his scholarship, does not know truth.


Pilate is an example of the typical man without Christ. When Jesus spoke of truth to him in John 18:37, Pilate responded with the cynical question, “What is truth?”  He did not wait for an answer for he was convinced there was no answer.  Like men today, he believed that no one can know absolute truth about anything. Like the existentialist today, he believed “All truth is relative. What’s wrong for you may be right for me.”



Nevertheless, God speaks Truth through His Word, the Bible.  His truth has unfathomable depths as evidenced by:

the unfathomable Love of God.  Ephesians 3:14-19

the incomprehensible power of God. Ephesians 3:19-20

the unsearchable wisdom of God. Romans 11:33-36 and

the unquestionable sovereignty of God. Isaiah 55;8-9


Though people question God’s ways and the things He allows,  they have no business doing so.  When my missionary father was suddenly killed in a car accident in the mountains of Peru back in 1937 where he was a missionary, leaving my 27 year old mother a widow and my brother and me fatherless at the age of one and four, my mother told me in later years that she took great comfort at that time in reading and thinking about Isaiah 55:8-9 and resting in the sovereignty and wisdom of God.



Though God’s truth has unfathomable depths, yet it is simple enough for any Christ-lover to understand.  In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 13:11 that truth is given to His own to understand; but not to the rebellious,  In Luke 10:21 we learn that God hides truth from the proud and self-righteous.  He reveals it to the humble and child-like believer.


Towards the end of His ministry Luke 19:11-13 tells us that Jesus’ Disciples  had the mistaken idea that His Kingdom would immediately appear. Jesus corrected them by telling the story of a nobleman who went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and then return.  They could not fathom the long period of time between His first and second coming, nor can we.


Very early in His ministry, Luke 4:16-20 records that Jesus had gone into the synagogue in Nazereth and taken the scroll and read a prophecy from Isaiah 61:1-2. The part He read spoke of His first coming.  He purposely did not read the last part of Isaiah 61:2 which spoke of His second coming to carry out vengeance, for His first coming was not the time of vengeance, but of grace and mercy.  His vengeance will be poured out on His enemies when He returns to set the world straight and establish His Millennial Kingdom.   


As Jesus sat with His disciples on the Mount of Olives, he looked across the Kidron Valley to the magnificent temple.  It was a place that was to be known as a House of Prayer.  However the corrupt priests had turned it into “a den of thieves”, Jesus said in Luke 19:46.  It was now a place of false religion; so Jesus warned that it was going to be destroyed.  That took place forty years later in 70 AD when the Roman armies destroyed Jerusalem and dismantled  the temple stone by stone in order to get at the gold and precious stones that had beautified the temple.


As the vestiges of Christ-rejecting Judaism were destroyed then,  so Revelation 17 & 18 prophesies that God is one day going to utterly destroy the modern day ecumenical church which will be headquartered in Rome.  Not only will the false church be destroyed, but also the cursed one world political and economic system in that day.  Even now, we are seeing signs of that doomed one world system beginning to take shape.  We’re also seeing seeds of its coming destruction


But then on the Mount of Olives, as Jesus spoke to His Disciples of the end times,  they had the nagging concern, “When Jesus? When are you going to return and set up Your Kingdom?”  Even in the last moments before Jesus ascended back to Heaven, the disciple had this constant, gnawing concern. “Will you at this time restore again the Kingdom to Israel?” They had a rightful reason to be concerned about the coming Kingdom.  It is prophesied all through the Old Testament, as we have noted in other prophetic articles which you can find on this website under the category PROPHESY  Next time we will give you reasons why Christ must return to establish His Kingdom.


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