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Joys Comes in the Morning

At the Last Supper, Judas left the company of Jesus and His disciples to betray Christ for thirty pieces of silver;  “It was night”, John 13:30 records.  As with Judas, so is the darkness of night  and despair for everyone who rejects Christ. In fact, Judas was in such despair that he went out and hung himself, as Acts 1:16-19 so graphically portrays.


It would still be night for us sinners, if Jesus had not risen from the dead on the third day,  Thank God for the prophetic truth of Psalm 30:5. “Weeping may endure for a night; but joy cometh in the morning.”   If Jesus had not risen from the dead, as prophesied,  His death would simply be a painful, depressing memory and we would still be benighted,  lost in our sins, doomed to eternal separation from God in hell.


But thank God that very early in the morning as it began to dawn the first day of the week,  Jesus arose from the dead in His glorified body, conquering death and the grave.


Jesus and Women


He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, we read in the John 20 account. Did you get that?  Jesus appeared first to a woman. She had the privilege of sharing the good news with Peter and John. That should settle the issue of Jesus and women forever. Wherever Christianity goes, women are lifted to equality with men. Though men are to lead their families and lead churches, women can enjoy fellowship with Christ and be used to serve Christ as equals with men. When faithful in their proper roles as wives, mothers and teachers of women and children, they have tremendous influence in lives. I can honestly say that single women had perhaps more influence on me while growing up than any man.


What did Peter and John see in the empty tomb?


When Mary shared with Peter and John the good news of Jesus’ resurrection, they immediately took off running to the tomb to see for themselves. John, the younger disciples, got to the tomb first and looked in; but did not go in. Note what he saw.  He observed the grave clothes lying undisturbed. 


Peter, huffing and puffing, soon reached the tomb and without hesitation went into the tomb and he too took note of the grave clothes lying undisturbed and the linen cloth that had been laid across Jesus face, folded and lying neatly near the place where His head had lain. Jesus glorified body had passed through the spice soaked linen wrappings leaving them undisturbed as a butterfly leaves its cocoon. When they saw the linen wrappings and the  empty tomb, they were convinced that Jesus had risen from the dead as He had repeatedly told them while He was with them. The disciples then left the tomb.


Mary meets her beloved Saviour and Friend


Mary Magdalene stayed there weeping. As she wept, she also stooped and looked into the tomb. There she saw two angels clothed in white sitting; one at the head of the slab where Jesus had lain and the other at the foot. Then they asked Mary why she was weeping. She answered, “Because they have taken away my Lord and I know not where they have laid Him.”


As she spoke, she sensed someone behind her.  She turned and saw a man through her tears. Thinking he was the gardener, she asked if if she knew where the body had been taken. She continued, “Tell me and I will take him away.”  I’m not sure how she planned to do that and I don’t think she knew either.


The stranger then spoke her name, “Mary!” as only Jesus could have spoken it.  Immediately she recognized His voice and His glorified face,  She answered Him, “Rabboni, which interpreted was “Master!”  She now recognized her Lord and Saviour, Jesus.


As she reached out to Him, Jesus spoke to her, “Touch Me not. For I am not ascended yet to my Father. But go to My brethren and say unto them, I ascend to My Father and  your Father and to My God and  your God.”  Jesus, God in glorified human flesh, was now teaching us of our new relationship with God.  Through Christ; God, Creator of Heaven and earth, is now our personal God and our personal Heavenly Father.  Through our relationship with Christ, we can approach Him intimately as our own personal Heavenly Father.


Mary Magdalene shares the Good News!


The conversation was now over and so Mary immediately went to the disciples and shared her meeting with Jesus. Isn’t that interesting that Mary Magdalene was given the privilege of being the first to see and speak to the risen Lord.  She was given the privilege of sharing the good news with the disciples.


Don’t think for one moment, what sinful, perverted minds have conceived; that Mary Magdalene and Jesus had an intimate sexual relationship. Rather,  this relationship is one that every believer, male and female,  can enjoy with Jesus, a personal vital living relationship with Jesus, our God, our Saviour, Lord and Friend; the personal relationship that we will enjoy with Jesus and with one another throughout eternity.


The Disciples meet the risen Jesus


The first Sunday evening, the disciples gathered in a room, perhaps the Upper Room where they had spent their last evening with Jesus before His Kangaroo trial and execution. Thomas, one of the Disciples, was not there. Evidently he was too depressed to be with them.  The doors were shut, probably locked in fear of the Jews who had just crucified their Master. Possibly they feared that they might be next.


As they sat together, suddenly the glorified Jesus stood in the room with them, the doors being shut.  In His glorified body, He had passed through the walls right into the room and stood before them. He spoke peace to them to quiet their fears. He commissioned them to go forth with the Good News. Then He breathed on them and announced, “Receive ye the Holy Ghost.”  I believe that right there each of the disciples received the Holy Ghost. 


Fifty days later at Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down on them and with all those who had gathered with them and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and were united into the Body of Christ and empowered to serve Him.  Thus began Christ’s Church.


Doubting Thomas meets Jesus


The following Sunday, after Jesus had met with the ten Disciples. (Judas had hung himself and Thomas had not been there at the first meeting.)  He had announced to them that “Except I shall see in His hands  the print of the nails and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into the wound in His side, I will not believe.!” 


This time, the Disciples had convinced Thomas to join them.  Once again Jesus appeared in the room.  He looked at Thomas, knowing his heart just as He knows each of us, and He said to Thomas, “Reach hither thy finger and behold my hands, and reach hither thy hand and thrust it into my side; and be not faithless, but believing.


Thomas did not have to accept Jesus’ invitation to touch Him physically. Immediately He recognized Jesus and confessed. I think he fell on his knees before Jesus as He confessed, “My Lord and my God!”  It was a powerful, hushed moment in the life of Thomas and, no doubt, in the lives of all in the room. From that moment on, Thomas was a changed man and after Pentecost he was a Spirit filled Apostle, along with the rest of them.


How about you?


Where do you stand before the resurrected Christ? Are you still in spiritual darkness? Will you this moment confess Christ as your Saviour, as your Lord and as your God?  When you do your night will be over instantly. Your eternal day will have  begun.


I Thessalonians 5:5 speaks to us as Christians, as children of the day. “You are all the children of light and the children of the day: we are not  of the night, nor of darkness.” And then Paul goes on in the rest of the chapter and in all of his Epistles to teach us how to live as Christians.


Come to Christ as a sinner. Trust in Him who died on the cross for your sins and rose again to give you eternal life.   Trust Him now and the light will go on in your life. Then spend the rest of your life sharing that Light with all those around you who walk in darkness.


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