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Jesus, David’s Son and Lord

As we conclude our study of Luke 20:27-47, we continue dealing with Jesus’ final week of earthly ministry before He went to the cross to die as the sacrifice for our sins.  We’ve observed the mounting attacks against Jesus by the religious leaders in Jerusalem as they sought to destroy His credibility among the people and to deliver Him to the Roman authorities for crucifixion. 


The scrutiny of Jesus’ life and words intensified after His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. followed by His cleansing of the temple the next day. For examples of how the religious leaders were attempting to trap Him note Luke 19:47-48,  20:1-2,  19-23, and 26-33. 


In verse 27-33 the Sadducees who did not believe in a resurrection, asked Jesus a question about the Resurrection to attempt to trap Him.  They presented a case of a woman who had been married to seven different brothers, as described in Deuteronomy 25:5-10  and illustrated in the story of Ruth’s marriage to Mahlon and then Boaz in the Book of Ruth. They asked whose wife she would be in the Resurrection? Jesus answered  that there is no marriage in Heaven, as He clearly states in Luke 20:34-36.  Furthermore, there is no death in Heaven.


What does the Bible teach about our resurrection bodies?


Job 19:23-27 teaches that we will know one another in Heaven, even to having the same recognizable eyes.  Of course, our bodies will be glorified.  There will be no sin in Heaven and not even any temptation to sin.  We will eat and drink, but our glorified bodies will not have the organs needed for digestion, elimination nor reproduction.


In fact, I do not believe we will have blood.  Jesus’ resurrection body apparently did not have blood, when He instructed Thomas to put his hands in the nail holes in His hands and thrust his hand into the spear hole in Jesus side as recorded in John 20. I’m not saying that we will not be men or women. That’s not clear to me, but it appears from Jesus’ resurrection body that those who saw Him recognized Him as the man, Jesus, whom  they had known and with whom they had walked on this earth.


There will be no disease, pain nor death in Heaven.   Revelation 22:2 speaks of an interesting curiosity.  It speaks of the Tree of Life being in Heaven.  We first learned about the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. There in Genesis 3:22 Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat of that tree after they sinned, lest they live forever.


In Revelation 22:2 it speaks of the leaves of the tree as having therapeutic value. We know that in this life that roots, leaves and fruits of tree have therapeutic value.  Why this is mentioned in Revelation 22:2  I am not sure.

We know for sure that there will be no sickness, pain nor death in Heaven.


One thing for certain is that our glorified bodies will bear no evidence of the curse of sin.  Revelation 21:27 makes clear that there will be no sin in Heaven.


Our bodies will be just like Jesus resurrected body.  He was recognizable, yet different in a glorified form.  He ate fish and a piece of honey comb in that new body, as recorded in Luke 24.  There will be no pain, no disease and no death in Heaven, as taught in Revelation 21:4 In our resurrection bodies we will travel at the speed of thought.


Our bodies will have an altered atomic structure so that we can pass through solid walls and doors just as Jesus did in His resurrection body. We will not be controlled by natural laws such as gravity; nor will we need air to breathe, food to eat or water to drink.  Of course,  all disease and deformities will be a thing of the past.


Our relationship with men and women will be pure and chaste as was Jesus when He walked on this earth as a man.  We will have all eternity to get to intimately know one another; not just our friends and family on this earth, but all the saints through all the ages of time.  Of course, our relationship with Jesus will be the most wonderful relationship of Heaven.


The assurance of our resurrection is based on Jesus’ resurrection,  If Jesus never rose from the dead, then according to I Corinthians 15  we have absolutely no hope and we who call ourselves Christians are living in delusion.  Yes, Christianity is just a dream if Jesus never rose from the dead.


But thank God, we have all the evidence we need to be assured of Jesus’ resurrection.  Go to the  RESURRECTION category  for proof of His resurrection.


How will we receive these resurrection bodies?


Read I Corinthians 15  and I Thessalonians 4 for all the details. Basically the glorification of our bodies will take place when Jesus returns for us.  The dead in Christ, that is, those whose trust is in Jesus for salvation, will come forth from the graves and from the dust of the earth in their new bodies and immediately we who are living at that time will join them to meet Christ in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  That’s all I need to know about the resurrection to satisfy me.


After the Kingdom Age which you can learn about in my series on PROPHECY. The unsaved will rise from the dead to meet Jesus to be judged for their sins and cast into the eternal Lake of Fire where the Anti- Christ, False Prophets, Satan and all his demons will be.  That is described in one of the most awesome and terrifying passages of Scripture,  Revelation 20:11-15.   Every unbeliever should read this and decide if that’s really the direction he wishes to continue.


Jesus’ states His final question for his enemies to ponder.


After Jesus answered the scribe’s resurrection question, His enemies became silent.  They ceased asking Him anymore questions.  They realized that they were  no match for Jesus’ wisdom.  


Jesus’ enemies were getting no where with their attacks on Him.  If Jesus was ever to  be executed, God Himself would have to do it.  That’s exactly what happened.  God the Father executed His own Son, using the Roman soldiers to carry it out.  Isaiah 53:4 prophecies that Jesus would be “smitten of God and afflicted.”  Yes, God the Father poured out His fury on His Son, the fury that should be poured out on everyone of us as sinners.  God poured it out on His innocent, sinless Son as He bore the guilt and penalty for our sins in His body on the cross.  Those who reject His Son as  Saviour, will one day have to bear God’s fury in Hell for eternity.  Each of us has that choice to make: Receive the Son and be saved, or reject the Son and be damned.


In Luke 20:41-46  in the presence of all the people Jesus asks a question of the scribes who hand copied the Scriptures and were authorities on the subject. “How can Christ, the Messiah, be both the Son and the Lord of David?” The same question is recorded in Matthew 22:41-45.  Jesus, referring to a statement in Psalm 110:1  questions these people who denied that Jesus was God, Here David is referring to the Lord as His Lord. 


It was common knowledge that Jesus was born into the Davidic line, which would make Jesus a Son of David.


That gave His enemies something to ponder.  Of course the answer is that Jesus is God in human flesh.  Born into David’s line, Jesus was God come down in human flesh.  Therefore Jesus was both Son and Lord of David.


Because they rejected Jesus as God in human flesh, they had no answer and at that point they were silenced.  They ceased asking Jesus questions.


How about you? Have you received Jesus as your Saviour?  Have you bowed to Him as your Lord? 


When do you plan to receive Christ into your life?  If not today, there is little chance that you will ever be saved.  The only promise you have of being saved is to come to Him NOW.  See II Corinthians 6:1-2 and decide  NOW or NEVER?


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