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The Corner Stone

This message is a continuation of the previous one, “The Parable of the Vineyard”.  It’s essential that you read that article first in order to have the background for this one.


Do you recall that Jesus stated that the unfaithful vine growers would face  two disastrous consequences for their mistreatment of the prophets and the murder of the Son of the owner of the Vineyard?


First, they would be destroyed and secondly, the vineyard would be turned over to new vineyard keepers.


Israel’s leaders were destroyed in 70 AD when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and killed the inhabitants.  As Jesus had prophesied, the temple and the city was so decimated that not one stone was left upon another. The genealogical records were destroyed so that future Jews did not even know from which tribe they came.


The Vineyard, would be cared for by new keepers. Those keepers would be the Apostles of Christ and all those evangelists, pastors and teachers who have taught the Apostle’s Doctrine, the Doctrine of Christ, to  Christ’s Church down through the centuries.


The new Vineyard would be composed of regenerated Jews and gentiles who would together be a part of a brand new entity, known as the Church, which would no longer be known as Jews or gentiles.  The Church is not a dual monstrosity composed of Jewish Christians and gentile Christians. Rather,  it is composed of converted Jews and converted gentiles who together form a brand new people known simply as the Church. Read Ephesians chapter two to get this truth firmly established in your thinking.


Read Galatians to understand that nothing from the Jewish Ceremonial Law, including circumcision nor the observance of  Sabbaths and Feast Days are carried over into the Church. It was those Jews who kept pestering Paul and confusing his converts by trying to bring Judaism into the Church  that turned out to be Paul’s worst enemies. 


Since 70 AD the Jews have been displaced by the church.  Note, that I did not say replaced, but displaced. God still has future plans for the Jews; but they will not begin to unfold until the Church has been caught up to Heaven in what is commonly known as the Rapture.  The rapture is the next prophetic event on God’s calendar. 


Once the Church is caught up, the rule of Anti-christ will begin and with it the time of  “Jacob’s Trouble”.  These will be  horrible days for dwellers upon this earth, including the Jews. 


It’s during this time that 144,000 Jews will be converted and become  testimonies for Christ.  Their story is told in Revelation 7 and 14.  One thing that is amazing about these 144,000 Jews it that there will be exactly 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel.  Only God could know and separate this exact number of Jews from each of the twelve tribes since all those records were destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans.  They are faithful witnesses and as a result of their testimonies,  many Jews will turn to Jesus their Messiah.


Read Zechariah 8-12 to learn of the conversion of Jews and their future blessing during the Millennial reign of Christ on earth. To get the big prophetic picture, I encourage you to read through my series on PROPHESY on this web site.


Now, let’s learn about the identity of the Corner stone Jesus talked about in Luke 20:17-18.  In those verses we learn the Corner stone is rejected and we learn that those who come into contact with this Stone; whether they fall on it or it falls on them, are crushed to powder.


Turn now to Psalm 118. Here’s a wonderful song that was sung by the Jews. In verse 22 we learn it is about the Corner stone. Though it was a perfect stone, it was rejected by the builders.  That’s a prophesy of the rejection of Christ by the Jews.


In Isaiah 8:13-15 we learn that the stone is the Lord of Hosts. Go now to Isaiah 28:16 and learn that this corner stone is a sure foundation stone in Zion, which speaks of Jerusalem.  We also learn it is precious and that those who trust that stone will not need to fear or flee from the enemy.


I don’t think it is difficult to conclude that this Corner Stone is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, as Ephesians 2:11-22 makes so clear.


Now that you have been confronted by Christ, your choice as a Jew or a gentile, is to receive Christ as your Saviour and Messiah and be blessed, or reject Him and be crushed to powder one day.


January 5, 2009 - Posted by | Jesus

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