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The Stones Cry Out

In the Luke 19:26-40 account of the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem,  we see the crowds exalting Jesus as their long awaited  Messiah and King. Of course, this exaltation was superficial. They had no desire to turn from their sins;  they just wanted a powerful political leader who would free them from Roman domination.  A week later this same crowd, stirred up by their religious rulers,  would be shouting for Jesus’ crucifixion.


Some of the Pharisees among them became very incensed. They rejected the deity of Jesus and saw this homage of Jesus as blasphemous and demanded that Jesus take control of the crowd and put a stop to it. 


It reminds me of the liberals in America today who want to stifle the voice of Conservatism on radio and TV through the so-called “Fairness Doctrine”. What they really want is not fairness, but censorship. No one is being unfair to the Liberals.  They are free to use the media to promote their doctrine.  In fact, they have controlled the major news media for generations.  Not only do they control the media, but they control the public educational system from Kindergarten through college. They control the unions in the work place. They control the legislative, judicial and now the executive branch of government.  What more do they want to control?  They will not be satisfied until the voice of Truth is silenced in our land. If they could, they would also silence preachers across America just as Socialism and Communism has persecuted and attempted to silence the voice of preachers throughout the world.


Jesus answered the irritated, whining Pharisees that even if He tried to stop the people from praising Him, the inanimate stones would cry out in praise to Him. All of creation praises Him. Certainly, we who are redeemed should never stop praising the Lord for all He has done for us.


The Heavens declare the glory of God.


Everything God has created from the invisible atom to the largest of the galaxies of stars brings glory to God, as Psalm 19 declares.  Many other Psalms speak of this, including Psalm 97  and 148.   The Lord reminded Job of this in Job 38.  Every rational person who observes this creation, is aware of the fact that He must one day deal with the God who created him. That is made clear in Romans 1:18-32  and 2:1-11.


The earth and all animate and inanimate objects bring praise to God.


Everything God has made reflects His glory and bring praise to Him. This was a constant theme of the Psalmist as is seen in Psalms such as  96,98 and 148.


Isaiah 55:12-13 is but one passage among many in the Bible that uses the literary form of anthropomorphism, that is, ascribing human characteristics to inanimate objects, to glorify God.


Other examples of nature glorifying God by being obedient to His commands and laws are the frogs, flies and lice of the Exodus plagues in Egypt and the hornets of Exodus 23:28 driving out the Canaanites from the land God had given Israel.


In Numbers 22 we read of a donkey who spoke to the disobedient Prophet Balaam.


Nearly everyone is aware of the great fish that God prepared to swallow Jonah who stayed for three days and three nights in the fish’s stomach undigested. Even the fish could not stomach a disobedient prophet Jonah.  He was finally vomited up on shore and got back to doing what God called him to do.


By the way, those three days and three nights in the fish’s belly is extremely important to the doctrine of the resurrection of Christ. To understand the full significance go to the category  RESURRECTION and read  “Jesus, Our Passover Lamb.”


An Ominous Warning to Israel


Would you notice that following that Triumphal Entry. All praise from the crowds ceased. From that point on to this very day, the Jews as a nation have ceased praising Jesus as the Messiah and Saviour of the world.  The shouts of praise turned to angry shouts calling for His crucifixion later that week.


Jesus, in Luke 19:40-44 prophesied that the stones of the buildings and walls of Jerusalem would cry out as a testimony of their destruction which occurred about forty years later when Rome sacked Jerusalem leaving not one stone on top of another. The nation of Israel was scattered and has been hunted down and persecuted for 2000 years. 


Only since 1948 has Israel been back in their homeland and that is the first step to the unfolding of prophecy that will lead to Israel‘s recognition of Jesus as their Messiah and Saviour. But that’s a big, exciting story that you can read about in my series on PROPHECY.  For a foretaste of this wonderful truth, read Romans 9, 10 and 11.


But until that wonderful day, the stones continue to cry out concerning the Jews rejection of their promised Messiah, foretold so clearly in the Old Testament.


In Habakkuk 2:9-14  the prophet Habakkuk prophecies how the stones would cry out in condemnation and judgment  against the persecution of the Jews down through the centuries by the nations of the world.  No wonder Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem again, as recorded in Luke 19:41. 


Beware of following the crowds!


Have you ever noticed how fickle people are?  Note, how they fawn over a political leader, such as the president.  Then note how quickly they follow leaders in mass, turning against a once popular president.   They do the same thing with pastors and others who stand before the public. Crowds are fickle as are individuals.    By God’s grace, don’t be a crowd follower. Any dead fish can float down stream with the rest of the fish, but it takes a strong, fighting salmon to swim upstream against the current.  I encourage you to be a salmon Christian, standing for Jesus and living your life by the Bible, regardless of how unpopular the position.




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