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Behold, the Man

As we Behold the Man, Christ Jesus, let’s begin our study by reading the account of Jesus’ trial before Pilate as found in John 18:26 through 19:5. As you behold the Man, Jesus, it is my prayer that you will be overcome with adoration and love for  this Man,  God in human flesh.


It’s true that this truth of Jesus being fully man and fully God is a mystery that is difficult to comprehend; nevertheless, it is true. Paul writes about this mystery in I Timothy 3:16  He admits “And without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.”


II Corinthians 3:18 teaches us that as we read and meditate on these truths concerning Jesus, we will increasingly reflect His glory.




After Jesus had ascended back to Heaven, heresies appeared  that denied both His humanity and His deity. Either of these heresies are an attack on the Doctrine of Christ. Jesus was both fully human and fully God.


II John 7-11 warns that if someone is wrong on the doctrine of Christ,  they cannot be trusted as Bible teachers.  We are warned not to attempt to have Christian fellowship with them.  We are not to be involved with them in Christian ministry of any kind.  We are not to ask God’s blessing on their work.  Of course, we can still love them and seek their salvation.


This is a Biblical command that has been totally ignored by some Christian leaders over the last half century and they have caused irreparable harm to the cause of Christ.  Like Balaam in the Book of Numbers, they preached the Gospel, but used their influence to break down barriers of separation between Biblical truth and error.  As a result, it continues to have  a damaging effect on the state of Evangelicalism today.  See the series on SEPARATION for more on this.




The fact is that in Jesus,  God the Creator (without ceasing to be God) came down to this world in a human body, through the womb of the virgin Mary. Read the account of that miraculous event in Luke 1 and Matthew 1. 


Because the baby was not conceived by a human father,  He did not inherit the curse of a sinful nature, though his human nature was as human as any man. He felt every temptation and every weakness of a man; yet without a taint of sin in thought or action. Read of His humanity in Philippians 2:5-8. Read about it all through the four Gospels and in Hebrews 4:14-16 as He grew weary and troubled and felt every human emotion that we experience.


His hands, described in Isaiah 40:12 became the infant  hands waving uncontrollably in His crib.   His powerful voice that spoke the universe into existence became the tiny voice of a baby crying for milk, or because of the discomfort of a wet diaper,  or because He was sleepy and didn’t know what His problem was.


He, who is the source of all true wisdom, became a little baby boy who grew up as other little boys, learning how to talk, increasing in wisdom, stature, socially and spiritually as Luke 2:51-52 tells us.  He had to be taught by His mother and step-father, Joseph to walk and talk and learn skills for living.


The omnipotent Creator who never tires nor grows weary, became the man Jesus, who was often  tired and thirsty and had to ask for a drink of water. He often had to retire from the crowds who  continually surrounded Him and seek a little peace and rest in the mountains or on the Sea of Galilee.


He who established human government and who raises up and puts down political leaders, had to submit Himself to human government and pay His taxes.  Ultimately, He had submit to the mob who eventually had Him crucified as a criminal.


He understood what it was to be homesick, lonely and misunderstood.


He felt the agony of dying on a cross, but that agony was multiplied to infinity because He was God in human flesh. Go to the link, JESUS, for a heart-rending account by a medical doctor of His physical agony as He died.




Going back to that description of His trial before Pilate, as recorded in John 18:28 through 19:22,  read that account again and note how desperately Pilate tried to free him from the mob. Pilate was convinced Jesus was a righteous man and totally innocent of the charges made against Him. Pilate’s wife felt the same way about Jesus.  He desperately wanted to allow Jesus to walk free,  but the political pressure mounted on him to let the mob have their way and he finally turned Him over to the Roman executioners for crucifixion. 


He finally led Jesus out to the people and with anger towards the crowds who were forcing him to convict an innocent man  and with conviction in his heart,  proclaimed, “BEHOLD the MAN!  He was saying,  if I have ever seen a true man,  it’s JESUS.    


Later he had a sign written and placed at the top of Jesus cross,  JESUS, KING OF THE JEWS.   When the Jewish crowd read it, they cried out to Pilate to correct the sign and state that He only claimed to be King of the Jews.  With his patience run out in anger and with steel-like determination and with his teeth gritted, He shouted,  WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN, I HAVE WRITTEN!!! 


Not only was his sinless manhood confirmed by Pilate, but also by the repentant thief on the cross.  Read his testimony in Luke 23:39-43.


Read also in Luke 23:47 the testimony of the Roman Centurion who was in charge of Jesus’ crucifixion. I wouldn’t be surprised to meet this man in Heaven one day.




He came down to live perfectly the life we never could live.


He came down as a man to shed His human, holy, sinless blood as the perfect sacrifice for our sins.


He came down to be a sympathetic, understanding High Priest for us, as Hebrews  2:17-18 reminds us. 


He came down to destroy the power of Satan.  Hebrews 2:14


I Timothy 2:5 declares to us that He came down to be the perfect Mediator between God and man. This was a problem that perplexed Job that  you can read about in Job 9:32-33.


A little girl became fearful in her bedroom as a thunder crashed in a storm. As she cried out, her mother came into the room and reminded her that God was there with her.


She continued to sob in fear, “but I want  God with skin on”.


And that’s who Jesus is.  God with skin on to comfort us in our fears and to be understanding of our weaknesses.   Because He has sat where we sat and experienced our trials and fears, He is our perfect Saviour.


Are you trusting in Him?   Do you love Him?


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