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The Lord Has Need of You

As Jesus continued His final journey to Jerusalem to be crucified, He came to two small villages of Bethany and Bethphage, just outside of Jerusalem. Probably He was in Bethany, where His friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus lived.  He had raised Lazarus from the dead a little earlier. Certainly He was well known by the town’s people. 


It was there that He asked two of His disciples to go to Bethphage and there they would find a colt, the foal of a donkey, tied to a post.  He instructed them to untie the donkey.  He explained that the  owner would come out and ask them what they were doing.  They were to answer, “The Lord has need of him.” The owner would give his permission to them.  No doubt, the owner was also a follower of Christ, and therefore knew exactly who was asking to borrow the donkey.  


Everything worked out just exactly as the Lord said it would. The two disciples returned to Jesus, leading the colt to Him.


Try to grasp this! 


God, the Creator of the Universe,  came down in human flesh and had to borrow a colt, the foal of a donkey, on which to ride into Jerusalem.   God had need of a donkey.  But that’s the way is has always been.  Even to this present day,  God still delights to use unlikely people and things.   Read  I Corinthians 1:28-31  and rejoice that God can even use you and me.  He can use anyone who is totally yielded to His will and anyone God uses, He blesses.  Let me give you some well know people and things Jesus used while He walked on this earth.


First, He used a virgin,  Mary, to be his mother so that He could come to this earth in a human body to die for our sins.  Mary gave her permission and God blessed her above all women.  Imagine, being given the privilege of being the mother of God come down in a human body.  You can read the story of this miracle of the virgin birth of Christ in Luke 1 and 2. It doesn’t make Mary great or worthy of our worship. She was simply blessed in a way no other woman has ever been blessed with the privilege of being the mother of Jesus.


He needed Joseph, a young man betrothed to Mary.  They had not yet consummated their wedding, when he heard of her pregnancy.  Crushed, he tried to grasp what had happened.  The Angel Gabriel who had announced to Mary God’s plan of using her,  now came to Joseph and explained what had happened.  Joseph humbly and gratefully accepted God’s will and became a good foster father to Jesus.


God needed a place for His Son to be born.  It ended up being a stable.  No one had room for Him.   Mary delivered and laid the baby Jesus in a manger. 


God needed someone to tell others about the birth of Jesus.  He chose to announce this amazing news to some shepherds caring for their sheep. And ever since, God has been using shepherds, pastors,  to proclaim  the Good News. 


Years later, Jesus tired and thirsty while traveling through Samaria, met an immoral promiscuous woman.  Jesus needed a drink and asked a cup of water from her.  Read the wonderful story in John 4 of how He led this woman to drink the Water of Life and become a changed person, on fire to share her good news with the people of her home town.


Once, while preaching to crowds by the Sea of Galilee, Jesus asked Peter to loan Him his boat so He could push off a little from the shore to have more room to preach to the crowds who had gathered.


Another time, He asked a boy to give Him his lunch,  five loaves and two small fish.  The boy gladly gave it to Him and He multiplied the lunch and fed 5000 men besides the women and children.


Jesus traveled for three years throughout the land of Israel, having no place to call home, no bed but to lie in the fields under the stars.  Sometimes, Jesus was invited to spend a night in the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  What a blessing that was for this little family!


When it came time for Jesus to die on a cross,  a friend, Joseph of Arimathaea,  gave his tomb for Jesus’ corpse.  It turned out to be a loan, for Jesus only used it for three days and three nights and then rose again in His glorified body.


What does Jesus need of us today?  


He needs our faith in Him, just as husbands and wives,  parents and children, pastor and people,  mutual friends need faith in each other. We need to receive by faith His sacrifice on the cross as the full payment for our sins. He took the death penalty that we deserved.


As He has loved us, so He needs us to reciprocate by loving Him with all our heart.  He needs our love as it is expressed in spending time with Him in prayer and in the reading and studying of His Word and He needs our love as it is expressed in obedience to Him.


He needs our bodies. In Romans 12:1-2  we are challenged to present our bodies to Him as a living sacrifice.  He needs our intellect, our voices, our hands and feet to do His will.  Are you willing to respond as the Apostle Paul,  “Lord, what will you have me to do?”   or as Isaiah,  “Here am I, send me!”  How can we do less than give Him our best?


Hebrews 13:15 teaches us that He need our praise.  Not just the superficial praise of the Palm Sunday crowd who were excited about using Jesus as their political saviour from the oppression of the Roman Empire.   He wants more from us than just an emotional feeling in a praise service. He wants us  boldly standing  for Him and living consistently for Him is the midst of a world that scorns and reviles Him.  He wants us to be willing to bear that suffering with Him. He wants our full surrender to Him for life. 


The Rewards of Living for Him


In II Corinthians 6:9-10  we see how eternal rewards are linked to our willingness to suffer with Him. 


The unknown by the world, we are well known in Heaven. 


Though living a crucified life daily, we discover His abundant life.


Though chastened by God for seemingly little wrongs, and though it seems as though the ungodly get away with murder, we have the comfort of our loving Father’s concern for us. See Hebrews 6:5-11 for more on this.


Though we sorrow over a lost hell bound world, yet we can live a life of rejoicing in Christ.


Though many Christians have little in this life, we possess everything that Christ possesses as joint-heirs with Him.


Be careful of possessions.  They can easily possess us.   What matters most is not how well we do in the stock market, but how well we do in Heaven with the time, money, possessions and  life we have invested in Heavenly concerns.


The Lord has need of YOU!  Have you given yourself completely to Him?  Remember, if  God could use a donkey to speak to the disobedient prophet, Balaam, and if He could use a donkey for Jesus ride,  then surely He can use even you and me.  Are you surrendered and broken before Him?




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