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They didn’t get it!

In this article I want to show you how the disciples were so spiritually dense that in spite of all the teaching Jesus gave them concerning his death and resurrection;  they still didn’t grasp it, even a week before His crucifixion.   Luke 18:31-34 is our text, so it may be helpful for you to read that passage of Scripture before you continue with this study.


Jesus’ earthly ministry was about over.  He was about to go up to Jerusalem where the greatest event of time and eternity would take place when He was crucified and raised from the dead three days later. 


The beginning of that final trip from Galilee to Jerusalem is recorded in Luke 9:51.  From that point on, every day brought Jesus closer to Jerusalem and his destiny with the cross and the tomb.  Luke 13:22 and 19:1 point as sign posts along the way in His journey to Jerusalem. 


In Luke 19:11 we learn that even as Jesus was nearing Jerusalem, His disciples were still unaware of what was going on.  Their minds were intent on Christ’s Kingdom and their role in it. The last thing on their mind was Jesus dying.


In Luke 19:28  Jesus and His band of disciples ascended the hill to Jerusalem. In verses 41-44 of that chapter, Jerusalem was in sight and He wept for the city which would soon fall to the Romans under the judgment of God.   In verse 45-46  Jesus cleansed the Temple for the second and final time.  The first time was at the beginning of His ministry as recorded in John 2:13-17.


In these, as well as all the events of Jesus’ life on earth, we see His concern to do His Father’s will, His concern for the fulfillment of His Word and His concern for His disciples.


First, His concern for His Father’s will.


His desire to do His Father’s will existed from before the foundation of the world. This is expressed in I Peter 1:18-20,  Revelation 13:8  and  Ephesians 1:4.


He showed that concern throughout His ministry, as we see in Luke 2:49 and  8:51.


His death on the cross was planned from before the foundation of the world.  It was purposeful and planned.  It was not a sad miscalculation on His part or a horrible mistake.  His death on Calvary was the primary purpose for coming into this world as a human being so He could bear our sins and pay the penalty of death in our place.  He purposely walked right into the jaws of death.


Secondly, His concern for the fulfillment of His Word.


Jesus knew the Old Testament Scriptures from childhood.  After all, He was the Divine Author of both the Old and New Testament, inspired by His Holy Spirit. He was fully aware of the Old Testament Scripture that described in detail His birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection and it was fulfilled to the minutest detail. Read  Psalm 22, 69:20-21,  Isaiah 53 and  Zechariah 12:10, just a few of the Scriptures that were fulfilled to the letter at Calvary.


Thirdly, His concern for His Disciples


Jesus did not have to take His Disciples to His crucifixion.  He could have gone alone; however, His Disciples would have missed the entire purpose of His life on this earth. It was essential that they be eyewitnesses of His death and resurrection so they could declare it with conviction and power to the early church.


Through the years of Christ’s ministry with them, whenever Jesus brought up the subject of His coming crucifixion, the disciples failed to grasp it.   Mark 9:30-34 states that they feared thinking about it.


Not only did they fear thinking about it, but Mark 9:35-41 tells us that they had other things on their mind, thoughts of their grandeur and prominence  in Christ’s Kingdom. Self-centered people seldom receive anything from the preaching of God’s Word.  They are too full of themselves to grasp the things of God. That was the condition of the disciples at this time.


It was not until after Christ’s Resurrection and after Pentecost when the Spirit of God filled the Apostles, that they began to understand the truths of the crucifixion and the resurrection. of Christ.  It was then that Peter could preach with power and explain the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection as He did in Acts 2:22-24.  I encourage you to read these verses.


Here Peter explains that the Jewish Council delivered Jesus into the hands of Pilate, the Roman Procurator who ordered His crucifixion.   But Peter explained that Jesus was not just put to death by the Jews or the Romans;  He was also crucified according to the foreknowledge of God. Our sins required the crucifixion of Christ.  The whole world is guilty of Christ’s death.  God gave His Son to be the perfect and final sacrifice for sin forever.  Those who receive the gift of Christ as Saviour from sin, are given the gift of eternal  life.  Those who reject Christ, continue on a course to eternal damnation.


Do you get it?


The disciples didn’t get it when Jesus explained His crucifixion.  Do you get it? Do you see that He died in your place?  Do you understand that your sins were placed on Jesus and He died and paid the full penalty for you?  Do you understand that the righteousness of Jesus has been put to your account and you can be in Heaven throughout eternity because you are going there clothed in Jesus righteousness and not in your own stinking self-righteousness?  Read Isaiah 64:6 and see what God thinks of your righteousness.  Read Titus 3:5-6 and learn that our righteous efforts will never take us to Heaven.  We must see ourselves as God sees us:  as sinners worthy only of hell.  We must come to the end of ourselves and place all our trust and confidence in the gift of His Son Jesus who died in our place on Calvary‘s cross.  Trust Him now and discover peace with God.

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