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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

A Tiffany Diamond

God says, “You are not a store sample. The man I have chosen for you will be willing to pay the price to take you home. There is no need for a ‘taste test’ beforehand. You are not a K-Mart blue-light special; you are a well kept woman.”

A well kept woman is always mindful of her worth; she never stoops to being common and cheap. This woman will not be handled, examined and thrown back into anyone’s bin.

God says, “You are a Tiffany diamond, and when i’m finished with you, you will be of the highest grade. No flaws. No inclusions. It takes a discriminating eye to tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a real diamond.”

Not too many people have the nerve to go into Tiffany’s “just looking.” They respect the name, they are aware of the quality and price, so if they’re not serious, they seldom move past the window. God says we should be regarded in the same light.

Remember, the things you do now will affect your relationship for the rest of your life. Build a solid foundation from the beginning, one that God can bless and build on.”

Taken from Joy Isaquirre’s web site:  http://pinkmonster.wordpress.com    in which she quotes

from Michelle McKinney Hammond’s book, What to do until Love finds you.


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