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The Glory of God- A devotional study of Psalm 19

In Psalm 19 the glory of God is revealed

1. in His creation in verses 1-6, 

2. in His holy Scriptures in verses  7-11

3. and in our lives as Christians, as taught in verses 12-14.




Would you read Psalm 19:1-6  and then Romans 1:18-21?  Those verses tell us that God’s footprints are seen throughout nature,  from the invisible atoms of which all substance consists, to the immensity of our universe.  As foot prints in the sand revealed to Robinson Crusoe that there must be other humans on his island to which he had been cast in a storm, so God’s foot prints are seen in every detail of His creation as evidence of an omnipotent, all-wise, loving Creator. 


Scrutinize under the microscope anything God has made and you will be amazed and awed by its beauty and perfection in structure.  Scrutinize under the microscope anything man has made and you will be struck by its flaws and imperfection.


Any honest, rational, thinking person who studies the greatness and the order of our universe is bound to come to the conclusion that it all came to pass and is held together by an almighty, wise and loving God.  To  think otherwise, is to expose himself to be a fool.  It is easier to believe that  monkeys wrote Handel’s Messiah or the Holy Bible, than to believe that this immense universe just happened by chance.   It takes far more faith to be an atheistic evolutionist and believe that this universe all happened by chance, than it takes to simply believe Almighty God created and holds this universe together by His power.


I’m no scientist, but I read that our bodies are made of  trillions of cells and each cell is made up of trillions of atoms.  Each atom is made up of a nucleus and an electron that orbits the nucleus.  If the nucleus were enlarged to the size of a marble and placed on the center line of a foot ball field,  proportionately, the electron would be at the edge of the field. So most of an atom is made up of space.  


Not only are our bodies made up of atoms, but everything on the earth, including every drop of water in the oceans is made up of atoms.   All the animals, birds, reptiles, insects and micro-organisms are made up of atoms, as is every blade of grass and every plant, all held together by the power of God.


Not only are we made up of trillions of cells, but by the wisdom of God, each of these cells know exactly what they are to do in the human body.  By God’s wisdom, some become skin, some become hair, some bones,  some sinews, some organs of the body, some brain matter, some blood and other bodily fluids.


Colossians 1:16-17 tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Godhead, is the one by whom all of this is held together.  If Christ stopped holding this universe together,  it would implode into nothingness.  The heavens, including the sun, moon and stars are like a flag flying, showing that God is as home in His universe.  The fact there is a God is known by every thinking, reasonable  human being on the face of the earth; even those who have never seen a Bible nor a missionary.  It is our responsibility to take the Gospel to the whole world.  The Gospel is that God our Creator became a man in the person of Jesus, to live among men and die to take the punishment for our sins.  Those who reject Christ’s sacrifice for them, must bear their own punishment in hell for eternity.




In Psalm 19:7-11  the Scriptures are described as the Law of God, His testimonies, His statues, His commandments and His judgments.


The purpose of Scripture is to convert the soul, make wise the simple and rejoice the hearts of those who love Him and His Word.  Those who despise His Word, despise God.  How we respond to the Bible reveals much about us.




That’s the challenge of Psalm 19:12-14. Who of us is fully aware of our depravity?  Who knows the depths of his sins?   God’s Law shows us our sins.  It exposes our secret sins.  It exposes our presumptuous sins.  God’s Word also has the ability to cleanse us as we are made aware of our sins and go to Christ for cleansing.  Those who confess or agree with God that they are sinners and ask for cleansing, are saved and cleansed by the shed blood of Christ.  So God’s Word has a cleansing affect on us.


The Psalmist closes asking God to deliver him from the dominion of sin.   In Romans 6:14 we are taught how through Christ we are delivered from the dominion of sin. He closes his prayer asking His Redeemer to strengthen Him and guard Him from sinning against God through his thoughts, words or actions.  May that prayer of Psalm 19:14  be ours.


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