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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

1% of Americans

A Harris poll conducted in 2003 indicates that only 1% of Americans believe it is likely that they will go to hell.  No doubt one reason for this low percentage is that a great many people have imbibed the teaching that God’s “passing grade” in only 50% (that is, ones good works outweigh one’s sins).


However, we know that the Bible teaches that God’s passing grade is 100%- which no one can reach  (James 2:10  Romans 3:23).   Bad teaching concerning a work’s salvation is so deeply ingrained in the heart of man that evangelicals must take every opportunity to challenge and dislodge such thinking.


As a preacher, we pray that you will faithfully  proclaim the Gospel of Christ. In addition we want to encourage every believer in Christ to “do the work of an evangelist”   II Timothy 4:6.


  Making sound Gospel tracts available in your church is one good way to fulfill this Commission.    




Recently I received a packet of Gospel tracts with the above note from the senders. As I examined the tracts,  I was impressed to see how true to the Bible they were.  Unlike some tracts, there was no confusion concerning the Gospel message.  I recommend them.  Visit this organization by going to http://www.mwtb.org 

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