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Propitiation #1: “Dirty Bully”



The heathen worship false gods made in their own image, gods that are lustful and whom they believe capriciously get miffed and can be cruel and angry and must be appeased by propitiation as men and women offer sacrifices to them.


The Bible pictures the one true God as one who is angry with sin and who will ultimately pour out His wrath on sinners.  But amazingly, God has already lovingly and graciously poured out His wrath on His own beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who was crucified and shed His blood as a propitiation (the grounds upon which God’s wrath on us can be appeased) for the  sins of all who put their trust in Him.


Before we get into the doctrine of propitiation in a later study, let me share with you the intense hatred that  theological liberals have  towards this doctrine of God’s wrath over sin.  In the rest of this article I am quoting from  Dr. John R. Rice who wrote the following article in his weekly periodical, The Sword of the Lord.  This was from an issue back in the mid 1950’s that I read when I was just beginning my ministry.  Dr. Rice had a powerful affect on me, especially in the early year of my ministry. He helped to put steel in my backbone in my fight against theological liberalism.

(Note: I do not endorse the Sword of the Lord today.  For my reason, go to category SEPARATION and read the King James Only article)


“Theological liberals who deny the inspiration of the Bible, despise the God of the Old Testament who deals severely with sin. One example is  Dr. G. Bromley Oxnam, Methodist bishop of the WashingtonDC area some sixty years ago, who wrote in his book Preaching in a Revolutionary  Age. On page 79, he quotes with approval   from Walpole‘ s Wintersmoon.


“Hugh Walpole in Wintersmoon tells of a father and son at church.  The aged rector read from the Old Testament, and the boy learned of the terrible God who sent plagues upon the people and created fiery serpents to assault them.


“That night, when the father passed the boy’s bedroom, the boy called him,  put his arms around his father’s neck, and drawing him close, said, ‘Father, you hate Jehovah. So do I.  I loathe Him, dirty bully!”


Liberal Oxnam continues, “We have long since rejected a conception of reconciliation associated historically  with the idea of a Deity that is loathsome.  God, for us, cannot be thought of as an angry, awful avenging Being who because of Adam’s sins must have His Shylockian pound of flesh.  No  wonder the honest boy in justifiable repugnance could say, ‘Dirty Bully’. Injustice is an offense and inequality a stench in the nostrils of Jehovah also. Such must be denounced by preachers in a revolutionary age;  and just as our thought of God had to be moralized to represent Him to moral men; so too, our conception of God’s world must be made moral if man is to say in honesty, “I believe in God, The Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.”


Bishop Oxnam concludes, “No wonder the honest boy in justifiable repugnance could say, “Dirty Bully.”


So this liberal Bishop, as many liberals today, takes  the position that the God of the Bible, the God of the Old Testament, is a dirty bully, a hateful, avenging deity who demands His Shylockian pound of flesh to pay for sin. The atonement is hateful to this infidel bishop.  He says the God of the Bible is a dirty bully.


Colonel Robert Ingersoll, an American lawyer and agnostic during the latter part of the nineteenth century,  said,  “Based upon an innocent blood sacrifice for sin is the atonement of the Christian religion.  That is the reason I attack the Bible because it is the basis for another infamy; viz., that one man can be good for another, or that one man can sin for another.


Ingersoll continues, “The atonement saves the wrong man.  I have said that I will never make a lecture at all without attacking this doctrine.”


Concerning the God of the Bible, Ingersoll in his lecture on “Skulls” said,  “Upon the limbs of unborn babes this fiendish God put the chains of slavery.  I hate Him!”


Ingersoll, speaking of the destruction of all the race, but Noah and his family in the Flood, says, “What a stain such an act would leave on the character of a devil.  Was any imp of any devil guilty of such savagery?”


“We can see where Bishop Oxnam got his hatred of the God of the Bible.  He got it at the same place Bob Ingersoll got his hatred of the same Book and of the same God.


“When Harry Emerson Fosdick, in his book, The Modern Use of the Bible, said that modern people could not accept the moral standards ascribed to God in the Old Testament, he was only repeating the complaint of infidels who have hated God and the Bible through the years.  The only difference is that this infidel falsely claims to be a Christian.


Dr. Rice continues his charge against Fosdick. “It is rather strange for people who live a lie daily and perjure their souls in breaking solemn ordination vows  to preach and defend the Bible, to talk as if God had lower moral standards than they.  But Fosdick only represents all the infidels and immoral people through the ages who have hated the God of judgment, the God who punishes sin and the God who demands and provides propitiation through Christ’s sacrifice for sin.



“Tom Paine in his Age of Reason  tells how when he was seven or eight years old he heard a sermon upon the subject of what is called redemption by the death of the Son of God and said,:


“I revolted at the recollection of what I had heard and thought to myself that it was making God Almighty act like a passionate man that killed his son  when he could not revenge himself any other way.”


Further, Paine said,  “But the Christian story of God the Father putting His Son to death, or employing people to do it  (for that is the plain language of the story)  cannot be told by a parent to a child; and to tell him that it was done to make man happier and better is making the story even worse- as if mankind could be improved  by the example of murder.”


You see, Oxnam and Fosdick and other liberal preachers agree with their brother infidels, Ingersoll and Paine outside the church, that the God of the Bible is like a devil, a dirty bully.”  


Just a side note.  See my article on LIBERALISM to see how theological liberals are affected by their liberal template in every area of life.


Be aware that though most of the major Protestant denominations are infected by  liberals, there is also a strong conservative wing in those denominations.  Every Christian needs to know His Bible and be able to distinguish between truth and error. Make sure that your church is faithful to the Bible and that your unified budget is not supporting liberal seminaries and liberal missionaries 






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