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Hell series #4: Two Men Who Died

Recorded in Luke 16:19-31 is a true story Jesus told of two men who died. One had been a rich man and the other, Lazarus,  had been a beggar who came daily to eat from the garbage of the rich man.  The bodies of both of these men were buried, certainly in separate funerals.   

Jesus tells of their eternal destinations. Lazarus went to Heaven, known as  Abraham’s Bosom prior to Christ’s resurrection. The rich man went to Hell, The reason I believe it to be true and not simply a parable is because the one who went to Abraham’s Bosom was named, Lazarus.  Jesus did not name the man who went to hell, perhaps to spare his family further grief.   

Because this took place prior to Christ’s resurrection, the eternal souls of these two men both went to Sheol which had two compartments. Hell and Abraham’s Bosom, which were separated by a wide gulf. Though his body had been buried, his eternal soul, his real essence, was able to feel, speak and listen, just as though he had his body.    

Lazarus is described as comforted and blessed in Abraham’s Bosom.  Prior to Christ’s death and resurrection, all of those who had faith in God’s promised Seed, Jesus, were blessed with Abraham.  To understand this blessing related to Abraham, go to my link on FREEDOM and read # 13.     

The unnamed rich man went to the other compartment of Sheol, called Hell, a place of eternal, fiery, indescribable suffering.  If you’ve not yet read the earlier articles in this series, it would be helpful for you to do so now, in order to make sense of all these terms.   

When Jesus died and was buried in the tomb, He went into Sheol and delivered those in Abraham’s bosom and later took them to Heaven. 

Those in the compartment of Sheol known as Hades or Gehenna, are still in hell today and will be until the Great White Throne Judgment described in Revelation 20 when the contents of hell will be emptied at the event known as the Second Resurrection.  That’s when all the lost of all time, stand before Christ for the final White Throne Judgment and are cast into the eternal Lake of Fire.  More on this event under the PROPHECY link.   

Since the Resurrection of Christ, whenever a Christian dies, he is buried, but at the moment of death his soul goes into the presence of Christ in Heaven. For clear teaching on this go to II Corinthians 5:1-8   and Philippians 1:21-23.    When one who has rejected Christ dies, his body is buried and his soul goes directly to hell where the rich man and all those from the beginning of time who have rejected God’s promised Saviour continue to suffer. Read Luke 16:22-23.    


In hell, he was able to see and speak to Father Abraham, earthly father of all Jews. As a Jew, he spoke to his father Abraham, begging for a drop of water to relieve his fiery thirst.  Note, this former rich man did not speak to God.  He had no relationship with God, as is the case of all who reject Christ as Messiah and Saviour.   Note also that the man in hell had a memory of the past.  Abraham reminds him of his past and of God’s goodness to him.  One of the worst things about hell will be that the sufferers will have an eternal memory of God’s goodness to them and their past opportunities to receive Christ.    

Note that the rich man is hell is now the beggar and the former beggar in Heaven is now living in splendor and blessing such as he never knew on earth.  The man in hell begs for Abraham to send Lazarus to him with a drop of water to touch his tongue. Abraham rejects his cry for help, letting him know it is too late for mercy.    Then the former rich man thinks of his brothers and is concerned that they will one day join him in this awful place of agony. In his torment, he comes up with a way he thinks his brothers can be spared his fate.  Lord willing, we will deal with that next time when we study  Hell’s Evangelist.

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