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The Conversion of an Evolutionist to Christ

In January 1972 while I was pastoring in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, I was privileged to hear Dr. John Whitcomb deliver a series of eight lectures at Lancaster School of the Bible (now Lancaster Bible College) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He is the author of The Genesis Flood, which became a seminal book in the modern Creationist movement. I encourage you to read this book.   In his first lecture, he shared how he, a pagan evolutionist, became a Christian and a strong creationist.  I present to you now that powerful first lecture.

To learn more about Dr. Whitcomb’s ministiry go to  http://www.whitcombministries.org


I consider it indeed one of the great blessings that God has given me through the years to minister His Word on university, college and Bible Institute campuses across North America.  I am thoroughly convinced that in  this day of unbelief and apostasy and skepticism, particularly with regard to the early chapters of Genesis, that those who profess the name of Jesus Christ and profess to honor His Word must carefully search the Scriptures on the subject of the authority of God’s Word, even in areas pertaining to the origin of the universe, of the earth, of living things and of man. 

With God’s help we would like to explore these areas together and lay a foundation on the subject of Modern  Science and Biblical Miracles, seeking to see where it is that God places His emphasis upon supernaturalism, even in an age of science.    In I Corinthians 15:12 Paul is writing to Greek Christians who have great problems concerning the resurrection of Christ from the dead, because the Greek philosophers of the era totally rejected the idea that the human body is important and that it has any future at all beyond the grave.  Paul is dealing with a very difficult and delicate question here and yet does so forthrightly and in the power of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing the literality of the resurrection of our Lord and of the resurrection some day of all Christians.    

We are living in a day in which the resurrection is by and large rejected.  We are living in an age of pseudoscientism which states that nothing has ever happened in this universe, or ever can happen, that cannot be explained in principle on the basis of  uniform natural laws and processes, that can, in large part, and perhaps ultimately, completely be explained through the scientific method.  If that is true, then Christianity is false.  And yet no leading group of scientists in the world today would tolerate the idea that a human body, a human being, having completely died will ever rise again.    

Let’s consider this God’s word to the twentieth century then, as well as to the first century A.D., on the subject of miracles.  I Corinthians 15:12,13  “Now if Christ be preached that He rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection from the dead?  But if there be no resurrection from the dead, then is Christ not risen.”  That makes sense!   Christ was a human being.  He died completely and His resurrection was a colossal, shattering blow to any concept of the universe which says there are no resurrections.  “And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain and your faith is also vain.”  (vs 14.)    

Paul perhaps would have had a difficult time imagining a situation like that of our day  in which vast numbers of theologians  and pastors of the neo-orthodox camp profess to believe in the resurrection of Christ theologically, suprahistorically, but deny the resurrection of Christ scientifically and historically.  We are living in a realm of doubt talk in which men out of both sides of their mouth say totally opposite things about basic truths of the Bible.  But the fact still remains, as Paul clearly states by the Holy Spirit, if Jesus Christ did not bodily, physically rise from the dead in history three days  after He died, then all of Christianity is false.  We have nothing to preach, nothing to build our hopes on,  all is lost.  It is either all or nothing- you cannot have it both ways.    

In the light of this fact, the pressure is on for people today who claim they do not believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus 1900 years ago.  What do we mean by that?  Simply this.  What would you say if a leading modern scientist asked you this question-  “How can you believe that such a fantastic thing happened in history when you weren’t there to see it and you’ve never met anyone who was, and you have no tangible, empirical evidence that meets the criteria of verification in modern scientism that such a thing ever did happen?  How do you really know it did happen?”    I hope your answer would not be something like this. ” I am persuaded that Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead three days after His crucifixion because that is what my church has always held.”   I hope your church always has held this position, but if that’s why you hold this doctrine, you are in deep trouble.  I hope you don’t say ” It’s because this is what my parents taught me.”  I hope they did, but if that’s the reason you believe this doctrine, you are in deep trouble.   And I certainly hope you won’t say, ” I believe this really could have happened because I have heard rumors that even today people who have died on operating tables; whose hearts have stopped, have been somehow resuscitated and thus resurrection is scientifically feasible.”     

Dear friend, you are leaning on a broken reed.  Do you know why?  Because even the Bible tells us that resurrections are not happening today.  Note carefully what I Corinthians 15:22  is saying. “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.  But every man in his own order. Christ the first-fruits; (the first human being ever to rise to immortal, incorruptible, glorious resurrection experience.  Not resuscitation to  mortal life, like Lazarus, but resurrection life, first fruits of those who died in all of history. Then when will you see the next resurrection?)  afterwards they that are Christ’s, (When?) at His coming!”   Not here and there, now and then, as little samplers to encourage our confidence that such things can happen throughout church history.     There won’t be any more resurrections until the Lord Jesus Christ utters His voice of power and the dead are raised first,  and then those who are alive will be transformed by rapture experience.  If you wait until then for real proof that it can happen, it is too late.   

Do you mean to say that God does not have any really solid, scientific, empirical  evidence upon which I can build my confidence in the  resurrection of Christ?  Do you mean to say that I have to answer the modern scientists to the effect that I just sort of hope this is true, but I’m not sure?    Well, dear friend,  your answer to that kind of challenge will reveal a great deal about your own stability and your own maturity as a Christian.  How do you know Christ rose from the dead? 

Turn to Romans 10:9-10.  “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thy heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.  For with the heart man  believeth unto righteousness.”  Did you hear that?  Your heart is the key to the resurrection as the assurance of salvation.   You say, that doesn’t make any sense at all. If I can’t see it with my eyes, if I can’t test it by commonly accepted, basic, scientific principles of verifying events, then how can I be sure about it in my heart?  All modern scientism says with one unanimous voice- “you cannot!  It’s a myth.  It’s a fable.  It’s a dream!”     

But with one unanimous voice the Bible says that the heart of man is the target of the Holy Spirit through Words to accomplish the only real verification and assurance of spiritual reality.  You see, here is the difference.  Modern scientism agrees that man is nothing but an animal which has evolved through millions of years by natural processes through chance and that man has no more equipment for discovering reality than an animal does. He has five senses, that’s all. So do animals.  We can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.  Of course, our brain is a little more complex through evolution.  Our capacity to put together the result of sense experience and to analyze the relationship is what we call reason, but we don’t have any more windows on reality, we don’t have any different kind of equipment from animals. Therefore, the only way that we can ever really know that there is a God or that miracles can happen is if we discover these things by the scientific, empirical method.   

But the Bible cries out from  Genesis to Revelation that that is totally false.   God’s Word says that man is not an animal.  He was created uniquely by the living God with His image and likeness indelibly imprinted upon man’s innermost being, his soul and spirit with a God-illumined conscience, and the Spirit of God can speak to men directly to the heart, the center of the personal being, apart from sense experience through God’s Word.   God can make Himself real; God can press His claims and His authority upon men apart from the scientific method.  Scientism and God’s Word are diametrically  opposed on the vital question about how you can be sure about the things of God.    

May I say with deep humility, but with tremendous confidence, that I have had experiences on the subject of God speaking to man.  Thirty years ago your speaker was a pagan evolutionist at Princeton University. I did not know God. I did not know the Bible.  I didn’t care!  But God in His mercy and marvelous grace, through several months of persistent prayer and witnessing  and encouragement by two or three Christian students on that campus, brought me to a Bible class where I heard God’s Word expounded.  I discovered that there is a God who loves me and who has made full provision for me.    One night in my dormitory room, with a Godly, skillful missionary, I acknowledged Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour from the penalty of sin.  I took God at His Word by faith.  I believed in my heart that that Saviour, the God-man, arose bodily from the dead. Do you know what happened at tht moment?  Instantly I passed from spiritual death to life.  Instantly the Holy Spirit moved in and made my body His temple., He dwelling place.  I experienced Spirit baptism into the Body of Jesus Christ,  a total and permanent forgiveness of sin,  full membership in God’s family,  an inheritance in Heaven,  and acces to the living God on His throne in Heaven by prayer.  Will you believe me when I tell you that in that dormitory room on that campus that night there was not tangible, empirical evidence at all. I did not see any strange sights in the  room.  I didn’t hear any strange sounds.  I did not smell, taste or touch anything different at all.  But no sense experience I have ever had or combinations of them can possibly compare to the reality of what happened to me that night!  Old things passed away,  all things became new instantly.  New goals in life,  new values,  new attitudes,  a new sense of purpose,  Anxiety , frustration and despair were broken– dispelled forever.   

Please, don’t tell me that God can’t speak to men through His Word by the Holy Spirit apart from the scientific method.    Can you say that?  Have you had a personal experience with the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word?  If you have,  then you will understand why it is,  that in the twentieth century A.D. there is a stupendous conflict between the scientifically-oriented, unregenerate men on the one hand and a unanimous witness of God’s Word and God’s people on the other. 


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